Memories of Cambodia

Clearing out a cupboard the other day I came across my diary from the first time I was in Cambodia with my daughter and grandchildren in 2008. I have written about this before in my blog but this is an excerpt from the diary, just a moment in time to share.

A beautiful day:

Went with Vuthy, Picdorpatdy(Vuthy’s wife), Sielafhy and Ohchearlyca ( their beautiful children) to Vuthy’s family home in Takeo Province. What an amazing, wonderful, special day in my life.

Vuthy lost his father, uncle and other relatives during the Pol Pot regime. Vuthy was captured with his Father but managed to escape, he was just a boy. He was separated from his Mother and Sister but by a miracle they found each other again. As a child Vuthy walked from Phnom Penh toTakeo  …81kilometers (approx 50miles). that is a whole other story about the Killing Fields.

On the way we stopped at bought beautiful fresh fruits to add to our lunch.

Vuthy’s Mum, Sister and wife cooked a delicious lunch of chicken. Their own chicken which was very skinny but unlike here in Australia, nothing is wasted and me being a guest I was given the special parts;  so I tasted, for the first time, the heart, lungs and two tiny eggs (kidneys?) of the chicken…oh yes and the liver as well. All was very tasty, the chicken was cooked with beautiful fresh herbs. It was served with perfectly steamed rice and fresh vegetables, all done on a one burner gas stove.  I enjoyed it all. I was a guest and not allowed to help but we chatted away as they worked. My Khmer and their English was not existent but laughter and hand waving covers all languages.

Vuthy’s nephew scaled the tall coconut tree and felled a coconut. Vuthy cracked it open with a machete and we drank  the fresh cool milk and ate the tender flesh.

The fruit tasting was a delight,  Durian, smells terrible but taste good. Love rambutan, small hairy, spiny and taste a bit like a pear. Jackfruit and dragon fruit and can’t remember the others.

After lunch was rest time and I was presented with a brand new hammock they had purchased for my visit. Lying there in my hammock looking around, listening to the family’s Khmer chatter – feeling the soft breeze coming across me fanned by the coconut palms (and I might add actually having a little nap). I was in absolute heaven.

There are so many more stories of beautiful Cambodia and its people but for now a few memory photos of this special time.

The two Mum's 2 (Small)

Vuthy’s Mum and Grandson and me. No, I am not that tall, Mum is very tiny and beautiful.

Vuthy ready with fresh coconut (Small)

Vuthy with our coconut

Vuthy's Sister and her little one (Small)

Rest time for everyone

and so relaxing (Medium)

Spoilt and in heaven. The family watched with interest to see me get into the hammock, they were not disappointed…oops…wobble…wobble…nearly out and finally in and oh so comfy.