Sunset, smoke and noise and sadness

We still have very smokey skies after the fires as we haven’t had rain to wash it away. Our skies are eerie at sunset:

IMG_5919 (Medium) IMG_5920 (Large) IMG_5918 (Large) IMG_5919 (Large)

The next night it was a little clearer. The cockatoos spread out on trees near and in the parklands. They had a lot to say to each other. I wondered whether they were saying “Come over to our tree and we will party” or maybe “You lot stay where you are, you are not welcome here…or…simply a lot of chatter about the days events, the fires, the smoke and how lucky they are they were not near it…or…maybe some were and have flown down to safety and they were telling the others all about their lucky escape. Whatever it was it was extremely loud and they were all talking at once. I tried to video it but it is a long way from me and these are the best photos I could get with my little digital camera. This tree was the nearest and I only captured five cockatoos, at one stage there were about twenty.

IMG_5915_edited-1 (Large) IMG_5913_edited-1 (Medium)

Now, on a sad note…a young boy Luke Batty just 11 years old was brutally murdered by his Father yesterday in Tyabb…R.I.P little man. His Father was shot by the police as he was still brandishing the knife and he died in hospital. Luke’s Mum has been very brave in talking about family violence…so sad.

Sorry to finish on such a sad note but  Luke and his Mum deserved better.






5 thoughts on “Sunset, smoke and noise and sadness

    • Unfortunately many live stock perished as did some wild life. We are no match for nature although fire bugs were responsible for some of the fires. They c
      Crawl out of the woodwork every summer.

      The Father of Luke had warrants out for his arrest. It is only what I have read but it seems so typical of these characters, he blamed his life on every one else except the person responsible and that is himself.

    • So many children are the victims of jealous rages and violent people who cannot take control of themselves and blame everyone else. So precious are children yet we cannot save them all from these beasts.

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