A day in February

A sunny cooler  Melbourne today although it is smokey from the dreadful fires blazing. I decided to give myself the day off. The day off from what you may well ask. A day off from having days off.  I am retired, no ties, please myself what I do every day but I give myself what I call a creative day from time to time. It is a day where I find creative things to do, no housework, no organizing the budget, no washing, ironing, cooking, I didn’t even go to gym.

I made a delicious coffee at 6am and sat down and played in my journal:

Spirals hand cut Feb 2014

I have played with this page for a while. First layer is varying colours using Crayola Pip Squeaks – washable markers. They are kids markers but I saw a You Tube demonstration and thought I would try them out. They were approx $8AUD.

I was trying to cover the area of each page and found they didn’t flow as well as I perhaps expected. If I had gone slower it would have been better but I don’t want a product that needs a slow approach for large areas. I am not saying they are not good or fun but just not for what I wanted at this particular time. Working small they cover extremely well, are bright and feel juicy; if you are not doing archival work I say try them. I will certainly use them again.

The next layer was my tissue paper I made (post of 2013/12/28). Because of it nature being coated with gel medium I will have to leave some freezer paper between the pages as they will always stick together. You can sprinkle a light dusting of powder to help prevent sticking but I feel is takes away from the work so I don’t do it.

The pages sat like that for a few days, me trying to get them to talk to me, finally “spirals’. o.k. tried many types of spirals I have, metal, shell, silver, none looked right. Finally I decided to cut out spirals from magazine pages to add depth and colour. What a job, round and round like a merry-go-round, I was getting dizzy so left it which bring me to today. Coffee in hand on my fresh creative morning and I began, round and round again, gluing, gluing. I found the good old ‘Clag’ Made in Australia by  Bostik the best.  This ‘clag’ has been used by school children for over thirty years. It is wheat flour based. It is a ‘wet’ paste so it does make paper wrinkle and buckle but for these spirals on the gel substrate it was perfect.  I think it is finished, I will let it sit for a few days but I don’t feel it needs to be anything else, just let the spirals have their day.

Next little jaunt was camera in hand and a walk up the street looking for whatever catches my eye.  I love snail mail and the post box sat looking at me hoping I was going to slip something into his mouth like I usually do. “Not today” mailbox but you are looking so bright in the sunshine I will take your photo…he was very happy about that.

Red post box Feb 2014 (Large)


The gardens are all dry and struggling with the heat. This tall girl stood proud with her seed pods open.

Tall fellow 1 (Large) tall fellow 2 (Large)


On the way home it was a must to call into the art shop. My purchase suited the sunny day



Two Faber-Castell Polychromos (Germany)  coloured pencils Cadmium Orange and cadmium Yellow. I add to my collection bit by bit. There is nothing so beautiful than to stand in front of all the colours and slowly choose a couple, far better than buying a ready made box of them.

I am now finishing the beautiful day off with checking out my lovely blogging friends to see what they have been up to and writing this post with another delicious coffee.

Everyone deserves a day off, a day of their very own creativity, cooking, travelling, reading, sewing, knitting, gardening, doesn’t matter what your choice is as long as you feel totally spoilt. I did today.

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” 
–J. Lubbock