Playing with watercolour pencils

I was watching a You Tube video on a trial of watercolour pencils when I realised I haven’t used my watercolour pencils in a long long time and it sparked a playtime. Birds are my love so of course a bird popped out to say hello. He is perched down a little too far on the branch but he didn’t mind too much; birds do that sometimes. I had a lot of fun. I did a bit of everything. I used them dry onto the watercolour paper then used water and brush to blend or I wet the brush and took the colour straight from the lead and I also used them dry and left them that way on the surface.

Outlining with a permanent black pen and adding design and shading helped bring it all together. As usual with our own art one sees the not so good parts but for a play I am pleased with it. I will glue it in my journal.

Watercolour bird Feb 2014 (Medium)


The little house at the bottom is something I like to do, just a little something else of interest. My name ‘Rose’ Β in Khmer, is just above the bottom flowers. It is a stamp my dear friend Vuthy in Cambodia had made for me when I was there.




10 thoughts on “Playing with watercolour pencils

  1. This beautiful Auntie Rosemary – what a gorgeous image. You are so talented. I love the inspiring way you write about it too. Loving you and your work!! Xxx

    • Thank you darling. Miss you but excited to hear of your jaunts and the gallery visits…where is your blog young lady? Xxxxxxxx love you lots.

    • Thank you Tess. Play play play is the way. Thank you again for you great in depth info on the necessities of growing older. It is refreshing to see it out in the open from a positive angle from a positive lady…well done.

      • Thank you, Rose. It helps to get feedback. I have learned a thing or two in the process. πŸ˜€
        You’re right about ‘out in the open’. Why is it nobody talks about this stuff. Why has it been kept such a mystery?

  2. I think the reason people don’t talk about it Tess is fear. I have a dear friend who just cannot come to terms with the fact that we die. Member’s of her family have become terminally ill and passed away but right up until the last minute she was thinking of ways to cure them by saying if only they would do this or that, they would be o.k. There is no way she could or would organise her own passing. The mystery to me as well is the people that do organize their own passing and never discuss it with anyone; maybe they organize then choose to forget about it???

  3. Oh gee, thank you so much Sonja, I did have fun with it and I am rather pleased how it turned out. I did stick in my journal though, trying to fill it up.

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