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I think there is a gremlin in this journal. Doesn’t matter how much I seem to do in it or how close I seem  to the end there is always more pages than when I last checked…Does a journal gremlin come in the night and add pages?  If I catch him at it I will take a photo so those that journal can watch out for him . If anyone already has a photo, please pass it on to me.

O.K. enough of summer silliness. Yes, I have worked in my journal. I found a small sketch book partly finished (that is the story of my life – partly finished things). I decided some time ago to merge all the bits and pieces in the one place…ie…this journal so I cut  the drawings out of the sketch book and  pasted them into the journal; then  went…what do I do with them now? That is me…random…Oh, let’s do this, I do it then go…now what?

That is where my method of working comes into play most of the time (not all the time). These drawings represented the ‘mark making process’, they are the marks, from there they will tell their own story…here is a couple of their stories now:

What to do with this page (Large)


The top drawing (blue zig permanent pen 0.5) is representative of the building construction that was happening some time ago at my local shopping centre. Cranes reaching their arms into the sky always fascinate me as does the temporary safety metal piping and temporary hoarding structures.

The second drawing was influences by an Asian exhibition of vases and the beautiful cloths they used as decoration. I used a new type of ink brush for this, not sure that it worked that well but I felt the drawing was worth preserving, not for it brilliance but for the memory.

So, into the journal they went and I sat back and let them speak. Unfortunately they didn’t have a lot to say, well let’s put it this way, they actually did say a lot as in every time I attempted something a very loud NO! resounded. They were not happy with further drawings, not happy with fancy frames, not happy with text..grrrrrr. They were frustrated and so was I. Then our communication came together…I think. They cannot argue now because it is done and glued, but I think they are happy:

Wallpaper (Large)


A wallpaper effect for them both.

What to do with this page as wall (Large)

I am a great lover of masks and faces. I did a sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library a couple of years ago and decided I would do faces; self portraits, family friends etc.. well….there was no way it was going to happen. All these strange and wonderful people who had hidden in my head came popping out one after the other and the same went for this drawing as well.  All these faces/masks spoke pretty quickly, they wanted friends so whilst that idea was quick it wasn’t easy to fulfil. They were drawn way back then, this is now and the people who wanted to come out are quite different. I do hope they are all happy together…

Turned it into a gallery (Medium)

Friends, foes and neighbours and buttons? Why the button, have no idea, they wanted in on the act so in they went. A touch of red never goes astray and besides it is nearly Valentine’s Day, maybe that’s why.

The other drawing remembered a piece of poetry I wrote and wanted that. Sadly I wasn’t feeling very well and should have left it alone. My writing is scratchy, unwell looking…but…it is there, it stays. I will post it when finished.

IMG_5873 (Large) IMG_5872 (Large)

These two pages are filled with ‘doodles’ Trying out different media. Circles were the  theme  for the lower page and the one drawing at the bottom of the top page.  Each one was jump started with a  memory of a place I had visited or something I had seen, doodling followed from there.

The other three  doodles were prompted by my love of birds and plants. I spent such a long time with a unipin black permanent pen and a fine Sharpie pen in black giving them frames. They wanted to be together but with their own identity which was a pain as it was literally painstaking. I didn’t like the white page around them so I filled it with one word descriptions of eachdrawing.

All this work and I was sure there was maybe eight/ten pages left? Nope…gremlin had been and there are now 16pages. be continued.



13 thoughts on “Working in my journal

      • Yes! And even the things that seem a bit ordinary to us, maybe not very artistic (which is NOT the case here with your journal, yours is very artistic), suddenly become wonderful with time passing. 🙂 I guess that’s one of the reasons why it’s good to keep a journal. – memories. 🙂

  1. Wow what a talent … amazing drawings!!! When I was in school I was drawing all the time, even when I shouldn’t – but I did while I listen to the teachers .. and they understood that .. so nobody ever told me off. Don’t drawn anything since I finished school, wasn’t any good … loved to sketch fashion for a while .. dresses for my paper dolls.

      • No, I don’t think so …. my creativity I transferred to cooking and putting food on a plate.My playground today is my blog. *smile

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