Still in the City

I will make this my last post of my City (for now). An eclectic view. One never knows what one will find when roaming around any City whether you are a tourist, newcomer or and old stayer, slices of life are everywhere… Shopping: IMG_5858 (Medium)

There are the Souvenir shops for the tourist with; of course Ugg boots IMG_5859_edited-1 (Medium)

Don’t leave without an oversized letter to put…ummm…ummmm…somewhere?

IMG_5860_edited-1 (Medium)

Key rings, this is only one tiny area of them. But, I have to say when I travel I do buy key rings. My tip, buy two, they fall apart within a week.

IMG_5861_edited-1 (Medium)

Post cards, now them I like just in case my photos don’t turn out or I cannot upload them..yeh!

IMG_5828_edited-1 (Medium)

For those that are in the depths of winter, here is a memory of summer

IMG_5835 (Medium)

Bad photo but the window was just beautiful old-fashioned items. The tiled floor in the reflection is the original for that arcade.

IMG_5836_edited-1 (Medium)

Babushka shop, every possible babushka you would every want..Pinocchio?

IMG_5837_edited-1 (Medium)

Man and girl babushka (I love the girl with the teapot)

IMG_5857_edited-1 (Medium)

Of course there are ย more Ugg boots

IMG_5826 (Small)

Sportsgirl with summer fun, It popped with fun, sun and pleasure…good advertising. It made me want to shop!…but I resisted


IMG_5831_edited-1 (Medium)

I stopped for a bite to eat

IMG_5829_edited-1 (Medium)The visitors booth was busy, think they were asking where they could find the ‘Cacti’ lady

IMG_5749 (Medium)

I found her at a ‘pop up shop’ called ‘A Prickly Affair’. She also trades at the Rose Street Market, 60 Rose Street Fitzroy on Sat and Sun.

IMG_5748 (Medium)

The little cuties are 3D magnets

IMG_5750 (Medium)

Colourful display

IMG_5627 (Medium)

You could have some threading or waxing done…er…by a professional? Sorry, not by the look of the sign, won’t be going in there

IMG_5636 (Medium)

You can hire a bike, these bike stations are all over the city…or

IMG_5631 (Medium)

if you are a bit foot weary, take a seat in Federation Square and watch the tennis, football etc.


or relax on these lovely chairs in or out of the sun

IMG_5646 (Small)

or simply just sit wherever you like

IMG_5760_edited-1 (Small)

If you bring you own bike, don’t forget the spare wheel…

IMG_5612_edited-1 (Small)

There are trains………well…..she’ll be comin round the corner when she comes

IMG_5614 (Small)

Oh yes, here she is.

IMG_5770 (Small)

If you are feeling regal, royal, how do you do type of thing there are the coach rides. I did take one of these a long time ago with my grandson and I must say the clip clop of the hooves on the street and the echo between the buildings was a piece of magic to ones ears.

IMG_5763 (Small)

or……welllll….no….guess not

IMG_5867_edited-1 (Medium)

Hello wise owl

IMG_5869_edited-1 (Medium)

Where is your Mummy little one?

These two fellows are not for sale, they are rescued animals, beautifully kept and on display for the school holiday. I was excited to see owl. The funny thing was it was more adults than children ooo-ing and aaaaar-ing over the animals. One little girl about 3years old had a snake (very large for her size) draped around her neck, she was smiling as if she had just found gold, I noticed that is when the adults all stepped back ๐Ÿ™‚

I took many more photos but have realised I can only bore you all for so long with my wanderings. WOW! I almost had a theme happening ๐Ÿ˜‰

โ€œThere are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself.โ€ โ€• Lemony Snicket


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      • I have a bigger fantasy–that WordPress would have a competition so that the winner could invite 20 blogging friends to a resort for a weekend, and WordPress would pay for all the flights and accommodations. The hard part would be picking only 20! I’m on a first-name basis with bloggers from around the world, yet in 3 years of blogging the closest I’ve come to a “meeting” is talking on the phone for a half hour with a blogging friend right here in Ohio.

    • Thank you John I am glad people are enjoying my day as It was just one of those wonderful fun times of ‘seek and thy shall find’ kinda thing

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