Themes vs random

Hi everyone, I returned from my ‘have to do’s’ and a break badly needed to rest the mind. It has taken awhile of what I call bubbling back to life.  Whilst I have been quiet, I have been reading wordpress tips and hints; one in particular struck me ‘Think of a theme for 2014’  I thought yes, that’s it…I need a theme to continue into 2014 for my blog.

I browsed through my work and writings. I am passionate about nature, my works shows this. I am passionate about all things small, again my work shows this, but what now…a theme? I pondered and wondered and thought what else am I passionate about. The answer was everything’. Of course I said to myself, my blogs are named ‘randomrose’ and’ supposerose’ which adds up to I am not a ‘stick to a theme for a year kind of person’…not rocket science but then it does take awhile to see the obvious in ones self.

Having sorted that out and ‘randomly’ browsing’ other people’s blogs I came across many ‘Acts of Kindness’ blogs’, now that appeals to me. I have had many acts of kindness bestowed upon me and I believe in sending kindness forward and I have achieved that here and there…so…

I told a story on one ‘kindness’ blog about the time my friend and I were backpacking in Turkey. We were in a small village looking for accommodation. We walked up and down the main street three or four times looking for an address when a man came out from a barber shop with half a haircut and the plastic cape around his shoulders!  He asked if we were o.k. We said we were looking for accommodation he said to follow him to his house, half a haircut and cape complete. He introduced us to his wife, they asked us to stay with them. Once we were settled it was only then that he returned for the rest of his hair cut. What an amazing act of kindness. We have many stories of kindness in Turkey.

It has been extremely hot here and I have been using my beautiful fan from  Spain to try and cool a little. The fan was given to me in act of kindness:

IMG_5597 (Medium)


It was a very warm day when I was on a tram/cable car in Spain with my daughter and my two small grandchildren. One little one was so tired she literally laid down on the floor of the tram. Two young Spanish women smiled and we began to chat even with our language barrier (which never stops me from chatting-hands have amazing vocabulary).  When we were getting off one of the young women handed me her fan (above) that she was actually using and said for me to keep the children cool.  Everytime I use it I think of the happiness that is spread throughout the world with random acts of kindness.

Now…this is where my random-ness comes in. I photographed the fan for this blog and instead of just cropping it…no…I went on another tangent and played with it so now the post turns into photo manipulation…

How fast can one fan when it is 40plus

How fast can one fan go when it is 40 plus degrees

After all that speed fanning she glowed and glowed.

After all that speed fanning she glowed and glowed.


Today is cooler so she sits, cool and sassy.

Today is cooler so she sits, cool and sassy.

So, random I am, random I will stay. If anyone else has acts of kindness they would like to share, please do or any other random moments.


Sometimes my mind wanders; other times it leaves completely.




11 thoughts on “Themes vs random

  1. “Kindness”…. This is my religion 🙂 as Dalai Lama says… But dear Rosemary, world changes very fastly, human values, cultural and traditional values, everything changes… I know “kindness” means being human also… but as if todays world is not as in the past…

    Wonderful post, but your blog is always like that… Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia. I like your quote that kindness is your religion, beautifully said and I so agree. If all the humans in the world had that religion what an amazing world we would have. I do believe there is just as much kindness around as before. When we have a disaster here in Australia or anywhere in the world for that matter, the love and assistance that pours out to the unfortunate always restores faith. At other times little kindness’s happen everyday but we don’t hear of them as bad news seems to sell media more than happiness. The kindness that flows between bloggers is testament to the fact there is a lot of love in this world. After that long ramble happiness, love and kindness to you dear Nia xx

  2. Thank you very much for this post to remind us of the importance of a random act of kindness. One thing I like to do is to open the elevator door for more people to come in when the elevator is half closed. I had to say, I did that once in New York many years ago, and people were pleasantly surprised. Thank you also for following my blog. Have a nice weekend.

    • That is the best thing about acts of kindness, that pleasantly surprised look on peoples faces. I like to think they smile for the rest of the day. I so enjoy your blog, thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you. When I have moments of ‘not being random’ I end up in peels of laughter at myself and nothing gets done! I think I am the original Polly Waffle.

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