I am back and humble

I am not sure how to word this post. I was away where there was no internet, not much of anything really. Peaceful, friendly, plenty of laughter, all badly needed. I am not sure what happened when I came back, I began to feel that my blog was not worthy. I struggled to find something to say. I started reading blogs that WordPress suggest as well as my favourite blog friends. Everyone is so blessed with creativity, cleverness, intelligence etc.

I felt the content I put up is boring etc. Where this all came from I have no idea. Sometimes when we step back from something we view it differently and unfortunately I viewed mine negatively.

Yesterday I found two posts from dear blogging  friends wondering where I was. It jolted me…What wonderful global bloggers I have in my life. My friends you have no idea how you made me feel. I smiled all day just knowing that just maybe I am worthy to have a blog and put my inner world out there.

Our minds take on their own stories sometimes and they tell it so strongly that one tends to believe but it takes dear friends to reach out innocently to put those thoughts back where they belong…into the smoke and mirrors of negativity.

I am back, ready to enjoy you all…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


zelf friendship is vital


6 thoughts on “I am back and humble

  1. Rose, don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure a lot of us have or have had similar feelings. I am among them. I wonder how I manage to come up with words that mean anything…a.l.l. the time.

    • Thank you Tess, I would not have posted about my feelings necessarily but to get a ‘where are you’ type of thing from blogging friends surprised me so much. I had been a bit lost in my head and the comments were like a feather duster getting rid of the dust and left me all shiny again. My humour never quite goes though, just turns a little dark 😉

  2. No need to apologize to anyone for what you do or don’t post—your blog is your own castle, and all of us (even the ones that the more intimidated and inexperienced of us revere as Pros, I’m sure) have times of insecurity or at least self-criticism. Those of us who come by and visit you do so because we do value you and what you have to say, so I’m very glad to have any post from you show up, even if I’m not able to comment every time. Most of all, we *enjoy* what you say, or it’d just be Work to come here, and I for one have plenty of that elsewhere and no urge to increase my sense of laboring when I can be reading because I *want* to!

    Glad you’re here. Onward and upward! 😀


    • Thank you for that comment and so true that we only visit blogs because we like to. I momentarily got on the wrong tram and off at the wrong stop and wasn’t sure of where I was but thanks to my friends like yourself I am now on the right tram. I enjoy your blog always.

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