Photography war

A few years ago I went travelling through Spain and France with my daughter, son-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren. The grandchildren were playing with their newly purchased bubble maker and that is where the war started. After  many failed shots of trying to capture a bubble, it happened. It got a good shot of the bubble and my granddaughter looking through it. My daughter complimented me on my shot but of she went and this was the result between us trying to out-do each other in the friendliest of way of course…


IMG_0758 (Medium)


Well…o.k. missed this one

IMG_0762 (Medium)

oh, and missed this one

IMG_0759 (Medium)

First one to me with reflection of umbrellas…if you please.

IMG_0754 (Medium)

Fluke for daughter…twin bubbles

IMG_0757 (Medium)

We both concentrated, good girl, big bubble and I got the shot, her face in bubble…well…eyes and nose but daughter couldn’t beat that!

IMG_0759 (Medium)

Daughter…smiling with glee…she got whole face…drat.

IMG_0744 (Medium)

I did it, I did it…got bubble, got face, got smile I have won 🙂

IMG_0766 (Medium)

I am defeated. Whole head in bubble. I have to say, brilliant shot.

We all had lots of fun and giggles. It hasn’t stopped. Whilst I haven’t been competing my daughter has gone on to bigger and better things like when they were in Slovenia…

GetAttachment[1] bubbleICEMady[1] (Medium)

Through sheets of ice

And last but I am sure not the end she just took a photo of her darling little son experience his first bubble…

OwenBubble (1)

Accolades to my clever daughter, bubbles and three of my four beautiful grandchildren. I am posting some of their art work in Grandchildren’s corner.

Happiness is…playing with bubbles


3 thoughts on “Photography war

  1. You’re wonderful with a camera. I can have five strung around my neck (yeah, I’m that old-fashioned) and I’ll forget to take a picture. 🙂

    Scrap all the techie toys. Bubbles is where it’s at. My grandchildren and I had more run blowing bubbles, out doing each other and chasing them than any toy they have ever had.

    • Oh, I do so agree with that. When bubbles are around us all bets are off, little kids, big kids,old.e.r. Kids are equal in the race to get the biggest and best. One of our competitions is to see who can get bubbles to land on your hand and stay there the longest.

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