Magnetic Poetry gift

My daughter and I were given a shared gift of magnetic poetry. I set it up on our fridge and it is such a delight. We are a little weird my daughter and I. We have been known to move articles around the house. An object may end up sitting on the toilet seat or a statue in the microwave so we are having a ball with the magnets. Whilst we don’t ‘travel’ them around, when we see that the other is occupied elsewhere in our unit we attack the fridge and find a gem. Some are not printable, some are down right silly, others just don’t make the cut but some…to us…are gems. Of course we are limited by the words we are supplied but that makes it all the more interesting and challenging…so here is a few that pass the test so to speak…

Green rhythm

Red harmony

Psychedelic song


Rigid silhouette

Soft shimmer




Bold Metal



Capture metaphor




Psychedelic  Song

Psychedelic Song

Soft shimmer in glass

Soft shimmer in glass

Bold metal dazzles

He wanted to set sail on the ocean of love but he just wasted away in the desert - Capture Metaphor with Passion

He wanted to set sail on the ocean of love but he just wasted away in the desert – Capture Metaphor with Passion

My daughter couldn’t believe she could put so few words together and make something beautiful, dark or funny.

Has anyone else played with these magnets? If so I would love to hear what wonders you have discovered of yourself.

My first one I did…LIVE WILD!



7 thoughts on “Magnetic Poetry gift

  1. I’ve heard of similar ‘games’. Not sure if this fits: QUIDDLER card game. Played it once. Each card has a word and I think you start out with two or three cards. The more wine we drank, the better we became.

      • Not sure they’re quote…in fact am positive but it is a word game. Sometimes I believe you have more than one word on a card (can’t remember). The second card may not fit together with the first. It IS a howl to play but that was a long time ago.

    • Thank you, it is quite addictive and yes limited resources is an interesting subject. In this Western world we have so much that we have forgotten what wonders we can make from virtually nothing. I saw somewhere…blog or ? (Old age dims memory sometimes) musical instruments were made from rubbish tip findings for children and they formed a band.

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