A house is not a home

A house is not a home

 A house is just a dwelling

Its only worth is selling

A house is  cold angry and sad

Its walls  strained and thinly clad

With veils of silence and restriction

It echoes with lies deceit and fiction

A house is just a dwelling

Its only worth is selling.

Home is eclectic eccentric and fun

Filled with music singing and sun.

Home is love respect and caring

It breathes in warmth of peace and sharing.

Its walls are open – not locked by key

Home is healthy, happy and free.

  Hand Made Book

Like many people in this world I know the difference between a house and a home. I made this book when I experienced the difference.

This concertina book is made from book board. I used a template, drawing around them with pencil and cut them out with a Stanley knife. When cutting bookboard (it is approx. 3mm thick) don’t try and cut it through straight away, make multiple slices until through. It is dangerous to put a lot of pressure on the Stanley knife as it is easier to slip and can be disastrous. Making slices is cleaner, smoother and safer.

I used acrylic paints, material, drawing with my unipin pen black, mainly a size 8 for this work. Using separate drawings on watercolour paper. I covered the back with material and linked the concertina pages together with black ribbon. I haven’t taken photos of the box I made for it but I like to either make a box, wrap a book in a scarf or material that matches the theme of the book or something recycled. When it sits out I bought doll’s furniture etc. to compliment. The above poem and other text was added.


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