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I have finally finished the other half of this journal page. It was a struggle. I ran out of teabags, ran out of time to gather, dry, and iron more so on the facing page I used a piece of left over cork wallpaper that is years old. I used up all the tea dyed muslin.

The drawings are rather spontaneous. When I say rather there are times when I am in that creative zone and things just happen and other times I am looking for balance and meaning behind the title. I like the gold pieces embedded into the cork wallpaper, it adds interest in areas and I don’t think it detracts from the teabag page…so another part of my journal done. Getting excited now, I can see the end in sight. Can’t wait to start another one although I have to cover this one etc…o.k. I think I can see a few months yet.

House of Secrets DEc 13 (Large)


Yesterday here in Melbourne we had 40c so enjoyed reading everyone’s blog that has snow, made me feel a little cooler 🙂

Beach goers sun setting last night



3 thoughts on “Journal Page – The House of Secrets

  1. Kudos to creativity but bah humbug to s.n.o.w.. We are promised two snowstorms this weekend.One tomorrow and another contrasting one Saturday. Great for Christmas travelers….like my family. Ugh.

    • Does that mean you shovel snow away from your door etc. I have seen that on news broadcasts, incredible. Safe journeys to your family. It is a beautiful 28c here today. Here in Melbourne, down under the down under we don’t generally have extremely hot weather for longer than a week at a time unlike some of our states.

      • I used to, yes. We had days like that when the wind blew snowdrifts up against the house and door. These days i don’t shovel as I live with my daughter and her family as a retired woman of leisure. 🙂

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