They left their home

one by one

flew out of the dark

into the sun

into formation

all knowing their place

round and round

at a constant pace

breaking the silence

with unison swings

allowing the breath

to escape from their wings.

Flying high

flying low

never far do they roam

from their teachings

from their home.



8 thoughts on “HOMING PIGEONS

    • Thank you. I agree, it is mind boggling. Love the way ducks do their upside down ‘V’ style. Bet we don’t look too good from a birds eye view Christmas shopping. We as a group’ crowd’ have no formation at all…everywhichway is us humans 😉

      • Sorry I am so late in replying, Christmas got me out partying which was lovely but I am not a teenager anymore…well…I can’t even remember back that far but I don’t think I needed my sleep back then as I do now. Anyways, does a list count? My word it does, I am a list person then I lose it and make another list so I guess I would be the one break-away in the group. Your sense of humour matches mine, so nice to be your blogging friend.

      • Thank YOU, Rose. I finally got tired of losing my lists. I purchased an inch-thick lined spiral notebook at the $ store, about 4 by 5 inches in size and write EVERYthing in it. Now I have no excuse.

        I’m pleased our sense of humour matches. Hard to be understood when you’re a little quirky like me. I am happy to call you my blogging friend. 😀

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