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Early December I started a new journal page by pasting down  tea bags (minus their contents)…

teabag page (Medium)


I had such fun with this. For those that do not know my process. I work by mark making, that is, in this case just randomly glueing down the tea bags and wait to see what they might want. I had the red dyed calico and tea dyed muslin. This is what came out.

Unlock secrets journal page (Medium)


I can see sections I still can work on. It is a good thing to take a photo of your work and look at it or look at it through a mirror, it gives you a different and balanced view.

I machined twisted tea bags to the hand dyed calico then sewed a dragon charm on and used my name stamp next to it. My name is in Khmer and I often use it at all angles because I like the way it looks and it fitted nicely with this piece.

Using handmade papers, acrylic paint in some places to lighten areas. Letter stamps, spiral stamp. I tried to transfer a small picture but wasn’t taking so when I pulled it off it left a series of squares on the middle right hand side. A happy accident as I followed through in other areas.

One of the things I love best is looking into random markings and see what they tell me. The teabags provided wonders. I used various markers to bring out images. I used a Zig artist sketching pen (I have had it for years), it worked well but it has a very fine point and I was working over a gloss matt medium so I changed to the Zig clean color Kawaii in brown a 12mm but that is water based, it still sat but I worried it would rub off so finally I went and bought two Copic markers  the E29 Dark Brown and the E29 Burnt Umber, they are magic. They have a thick end and a fine end. Pity they are so expensive…at my local art shop $10.99AUD. The sales guy said they last a long time.I do have a Copic brush in black and that is lasting well.

Love my charms etc. I buy them from eBay. The dragon, the bar with engraving on it and the tiny keys all added to the page. As I worked ‘Dragon Keeper‘ and ‘Unlock Secrets’ came as a result of the dragon and keys of course. I brought it together with tiny rubbings of light gold acrylic paint, a few more spiral stamps and my name stamp. I glued tea leaves wrapped in a piece of muslin. Tea leaves have secrets. People read tea leaves to find out the future. I would like to write a piece of poetry … maybe that will come as I work  a few of those bare patches.

The facing page is a wreck, have no idea what I am going to do with it. I tried to match the teabag colour….oh dear…not working…we shall see….

Ancient church, overgrown

pioneers carried GOD –

upon their backs.

Cheers everyone


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  1. Spectacularly beautiful, both in the process and the products. Beauty is not random at all, but inevitable when wisely nurtured as you do here! I am so pleased that you came by my blog and led me to yours, and I look forward to rambling around in this marvelous land of your blog!

    • Thank you again so much and I have just been roaming around your place. What a happy home you have there. I love your sense of humour, your creatures and anything else you decide to do. More please 🙂

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