Reference to ‘What colour is Murder’ and more Poetry

For those that may be interested I have listed the paint names I used in my poetry ‘What colour is Murder’  below the list is a website showing the colours and names that may help with explanations.

Alizarin (deep red) – description of one of the figures entering the laneway.

Cerulean Blue (pale blue) – Morning soft blue sky

French Ultramarine (Deep Blue) – Shadows around dance hall

Prussian Blue (Blue/Black) – The sounds of jazz blues played at the funeral

Viridian (Vibrant deep green) – Dance Hall Door

Yellow Ochre (browned off yellow) – Dulled sun rays through dark clouds

Burnt Umber (deep brown) – Rain sodden earth

Paynes Gray (dark gray but not black) – Rain clouds


POETRY  – MOTHER NATURE – To our beautiful mountains of Australia (especially Blue Mountains NSW)

I touched your colours to a blind man’s eyes,

They reached his heart – I heard his sighs.

He felt soft sounds of yellow and white.

He smiled, as the colours renewed his sight.

It was when he smiled, that I truly knew

He saw all your colours – especially blue.


I touched your colours to a deaf man’s ear.

He closed his eyes, he lost all fear.

First deep purple, then crimson red.

Through his body, the colours spread.

He gently swayed, that’s when I knew

He’d heard the sounds of your beautiful blue.


I touched your colours to a mute man’s lips.

He felt burnt umber with his fingertips.

He smiled at the colours, ochre and green.

The most beautiful shades he’d ever seen.

He listened to red sing her vibrant hue

He spoke aloud to your magnificent blue.


The blue of your mountains we behold

The stories of your colours must be told.


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  1. the world of colours is amazing and rich. But now I can see how rich into the words too… Thank you dear Rosemary, I loved this series, you are amazing and so creative thinking. Your poetical spirit impressed me today, so beautifully expressed… Thank you for sharing the beauties in your life. You make me rich. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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