Having a run on journal pages

This poor journal has hung around for about two years. I have done many other things of course but I keep a journal for ‘playing’ in. It is nearing its end so I am excited to see it finished now. I don’t know if anyone else suffers with this but I find it is fun to start a project (I am talking about lengthy ones). It get laborious about half way, then three-quarters through it is exciting to finish and I can’t leave it alone.

This page is purely a ‘doodle’ page.

scribble page (Medium)


I tend to scribble anything and everything on anything and everything and have pieces everywhere so I gathered some and stuck them on this page then drew around them. The glass of beings are my soft toys…kind of. They jumped into the odd glass, changed their appearance to some degree and started a life of their own. I cut a piece of overhead projector sheet to the shape of the glass to make it more ‘glass’ like and keep them from escaping. Poor bear wanted in but there was no room. He has been left dangling.

The bottom creatures just appeared out of my uni-pin pen. It is amazing what lives in our tools of creation. Whether it be stories or drawings, there seems a never-ending supply hidden within them. A little piece of nonsense poetry explains their being.

Three stick figures

Jumped onto the page

Hoping it was a pantomime stage

They looked around in eager hope

of finding someone with a skipping rope

That was their act – ‘The skipping three’

They found fellow actors and as you can see

They skipped for each show

from morn till night

But Egyptian Kee didn’t think it right

As she was the wife of the owner

and although he knew she was a moaner

when she cried that her arms were tired

the poor skippers three were fired.



teabag page (Medium)

As you know by now I throw nothing away. These are used teabags and their scraps. The cheesecloth has been dyed with the tea from the tea bags after I had a cup of tea and before I opened them up and put the leaves in the garden. I dried the tea bags then ironed them. I have pasted the teabags on a journal page. I intend using the scraps, the cheesecloth and the leftover piece of hand dyed calico, however…I have no idea of the how, when, why or what this is going to be. I will post as it progresses.

Happiness to everyone randomrose

I don’t want realism – I want magic 🙂


14 thoughts on “Having a run on journal pages

  1. You call that doodle, I call that ‘art.’ But if you insist on calling it a doodle, well then, you are a very artistic doodler! I like the accompanying poem too!

    • Thank you so much. I have learnt to go with the flow with my creativity. It was never the ‘standard’ in art classes so I would hide but now at this age…what the heck,life is about living true to ones self.

      • Same here, more and more I find myself ‘”…living true to ones self..'” and just writing from the heart, not from others expectations, and while I appreciate constructive criticism, I realize that if it freezes me up from writing then I should just disregard the ‘advice’ because it isn’t ‘ME” 🙂 BTW, I copied and pasted your last post to my ‘artist’ daughters email and she thought it was so beautiful-in fact here are her words copied,
        “I love it! At first I thought the art was the paper bag and scraps of paper in the beginning and I was like “uhhh, okayyyy” and then I saw the journal page at the end and I was like “oooooh, pretttyyyyyyyy!!!” I like how it’s a mixture of collage and painting and everything!.”

      • Oh, you have made my day with your lovely comments and your daughters, thank you both so much. Does your daughter have a website?
        It is so refreshing to hear so many of us are following our own way, our souls are happy. That is why your work is so good, it is from the heart. Happiness is creating. Cheers

  2. Doodle indeed. Looks wonderful. Like a peak into your mind. 🙂 It’s definitely creative.
    What purposed are the used tea leaves good for in the garden? I heard about coffee grinds but not sure about tea…

    • 🙂 yes, my mind is creative. What came out used to scare me, as in ‘do I need therapy’? but now, waaaay over 60, grey hair, very happily divorced 5 years and living life to the fullest I celebrate my wacky thoughts. I am only serious when absolutely required. I was re-reading your ‘about’ page the other day and find you very similar. You are a very original writer, live life to the fullest and happily divorced…go girl. Cheers randomrose

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