I am back

I have returned from visiting family who are leaving for overseas next week 😦

Now that I am back I have thought about the running of my three blogs, this one, my photographic one www.supposerose.wordpress.com and my writing one www.supposerosewritings.wordpress.com. It takes a lot of time thinking, finding and posting on three blogs so I have decided to combine the three here which means it will be a mixture of art/craft, writings, and photos. No wonder it is called randomrose. That is what it started out as but I tried to be organised by separating my interests, not such a good idea. I don’t have an ordered brain, never have and never will.

We take on a lot – because we can

But ultimately find – it won’t fit the plan

Of the way one’s life – ebbs and flows…so

My one and only will be – ‘randomrose’

I hope you still enjoy my ramblings. Happiness and peace to all.


4 thoughts on “I am back

    • Thank you for your kind comments. I just popped over to your blog. The vintage photography is excellent. Love the old, the rusty, the pre-loved they all have such great stories hiding within their years. I like your blog as you have a bit of this and that which makes it an interesting read.

  1. I must admit it is nice to sit down and just think about what I am going to do on one blog. I only have one coffee instead of two 🙂

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