Poor Annabella

My Lemon TreeDo you remember Annabella and Pip? Pip is doing o.k. He went next door for nurturing.

In my wisdom I put Annabella outside, thought she was old enough.

succelent left home (Large)

She sat out there, looking around, we had a lot of rain and I wondered how she felt about that as when she was inside she only needed a drink every now and then.

I didn’t hear her sneeze but she must have caught something for she suddenly didn’t look so well; a little brown around the edges. I brought her back inside and gave her a nice new house.



She didn’t comment on her house, she didn’t do anything really, just sat; but the next morning she stood naked, her clothes spread around her ankles. Was she really sick or angry? Angry at what? Being put outside? Being brought back in? Her new house? She doesn’t tell me anything so we are just coping with each other at the moment. I am trying to give her lots of TLC (not overwatering or underwatering and I gave her just a little food).


I am very worried about her. Will she survive? Is her depression that bad? If she is ill, is there a cure? Am I a bad gardener looker-after Mum? Oh Annabella I am soooo sorry, but she does have a pretty new home, one would think that is a cheer-up.

Annabella will continue…we hope šŸ˜¦



7 thoughts on “Poor Annabella

  1. give her lots of light but no direct sun, just a few drops of water each time (once a week) as she is probably dormant now, I’ll keep my gingers crossed !

    • Thank you for your care for Annabella, she looks even worse this morning. I will do just as you say. I did offer her a gin and tonic this morning…she must be dormant, she didn’t answer and who wouldn’t answer to that question.

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