I am thrilled to have an article published in MixedMediaArtMagazine. Their e-magazine is full of inspiring artists and to be one of them is a thrill beyond my dreams. I subscribed to their mag from the beginning and noticed one month they were asking for submissions. Whether it was the porridge I ate for breakfast or the good sleep I had, I don’t know but I dived in and sent away a submission (not like me at all…the old ‘not good enough’ attitude lives close to me a lot. Lo and behold they accepted me.

MixedMediaArt’s facebook https://www.facebook.com/MixedMediaArtMagazine has loads of videos on artists and ‘how to do’s’, tips and bits, a great site. Their e-mag is very reasonably priced and is full of inspiration, video interviews and how to do’s. I can’t wait for each month to come out. For all you mixed media artists and anyone that would like to start…go check them out. If you would like your work published you can submit, they are very helpful (I was a complete novice at it).

On another note I have started another blog for my writings. If anyone is interested in  short stories, poetry, as my ‘about’ page states, nothing brilliant but I just have to write. All constructive criticism is most welcome thank you…http://www.supposerosewritings.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “MixedMediaArtMagazine

  1. Congratulations Rosemary! That is great news! (I have to notice we all seem to suffer from the same illness called “Maybe I’m not good enough”. Why is that the case, I wonder?)

    • Thank You Sonja, it has done a lot for the ‘not good enough’ feeling but it never goes away. Have we as women been trained that way or is it a generalised feeling from somewhere on our childhood? An ongoing question.

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