Handmade Paper Bag Book finished?

I have always said, when is finished – finished? I will just say it is finished for now. I will put it away for a few weeks then bring it back out to sit on my desk and see how I feel about it. It will tell me if it has been happy or not.

I have chosen a plain brown paper bag to house the book in. I considered some type of picture or statement on the front of the bag but I like it just plain…for now.

IMG_5245_edited-1 (Large)


I added more to the cover as one part of the writings talks of collecting feathers and leaves and then I put brown paper tags on the strings.

Front cover of Brown Paper bag book a


Each tag is a Recipe:

  • Recipe for Peace: 1 kg of Understanding – 3Kg Tolerance – 3Kg Kindness
  • Recipe for Magic: 1 Tablespoon Curiosity, two deft hands – A sprinkle of magic dust
  • Recipe for Love: One cup Romance – Two spoonfuls of joy one pinch humour – tablespoons trust 1Kg of Compatibility one cup r=Respect – 500grms Sharing – Zest of Tenderness and 1 Tablespoon of Patience.
  • Recipe for Living: Equal amounts of Tolerance – Laughter – Curiosity – Kindness and looking after yourself
  • Recipe for Fun: Equal amounts of Curiosity – Laughter and tapping into your ‘ child within.’
  • Recipe for Friendship: 3 Cups of Kindness – 2 cups Understanding – One Heaped teaspoon of Patience – dash of Playfulness and season with Smiles and Laugher – ENJOY AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.

Recipe for Life: 1Kg of Curiosity – 1 Kg of Laughter – 1Kg of Kindness – 1Kg Tolerance

end page


I looked up definition of ‘Recipe’ and was surprised to learn that Recipe was the name of a Doctors prescription in the early days after the Latin word ‘recipere’ = to take to receive 1300-1400 Middle English (Wikipedia). So I have written all the definitions of ‘Recipe’ in white Pilot gel pen (I like Pilot the best).

On the opposite page of the book. I have carved out some shapes, abstract fern fronds and a window and in the pocket sits a photo I manipulated of fern fronds.  The fern is pertaining to the written piece ‘A whole afternoon to Yourself’.

End page showing fern photo


The rest of these photos are where I have added bits and pieces to the pocket flaps and underneath the flaps as well

small book page 13 small book page 12 (Large) small book page 11 small book page 10 small book page 9 small book page 8 small book page 7 small book page 5 small book page 4 small book page 1 (Large) Needle and thread page (Large) large photo (Large)


small book page 3aThis little page has a whale peeking out of the pocket and when you lift out the artists card…the whale has a…

small book page 3bSpout of water…just for fun 🙂

Page of main book 1 (Large)


I made and attached small paper bags (with their side open as well as the top) with a brad up in the corner adding a collage of photos and a ‘cut out’ leaf as a part of the gathering for that piece. I put them up their to add interest. Of course being attached by a brad…

Open part of main book (Large)


One can play with them by moving them up to read the writing and see the pieces.

I have certainly found my ‘child within’ with this book. It seems finished but…..





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