Adding to my Brown Paper Bag Book

Played around yesterday and added a little here and a little there. When is finished – finished?

Firstly the cover. I threaded some little beads, shells, starfish, and a seahorse. They are little plastic ones. I thought plastic goes with brown paper in a recycled sense (at a stretch of the imagination). Silver or bronze looked too heavy and just not right. I cut out a bucket and spade from brown paper and gave them some gel pen sand…mmmmm. May come back to that, maybe not.






Added to the cover of the little book inside Paper bag book (Large)





Added to a page in little book (Large)


A friend of mine makes coat hangers with lace and gave me some small leftovers on Monday night. I had not got around to putting them away, they sat on my desk; unbeknown to me with a purpose because when I got to this little page I looked across and saw, not lace but waves, white frothy waves, how lovely I thought :)…and so, on went beautiful waves to go with the poetry and of course little pink shells as well.

The bathing beauty on the card in the pocket has little pink shells at her feet. She was made some years ago. It is amazing how things come  together. That is why we must have a ‘stash’.  Here is a better look at her here…sorry, these photos are not the best. I cropped them and resized them.

The picture that goes in the pocket (Large)


Will I add more? who knows. I will leave it alone for a few days and, maybe yes, maybe no.

Happy creating everyone…Over and Out.



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