They packed my soil and send me off

My Lemon Tree

succelent left home (Large)

Hi, remember me from a few posts back, well that post was all about pip in the first photo, the one on the left whereas me, Annabella, the tall beautiful one on the right was most upset at the unkind words. Pip was sent next door to be coddled and looked after whereas…me…she has put me out into the big world. Yes, I have company of an elder and yes I suppose it is better than being enclosed in a house and yes, I am rid of pip but oh dear, it is  scary at night.  They all talk of Jack and the bean stalk and Jack and the lemon tree well they haven’t seen anything yet. How about Annabella and the succulent … yeh! I am woman, I am strong…listen to Helen Reddy sing about me…


2 thoughts on “They packed my soil and send me off

    • I am keeping a close watch on her. She looks a bit stunned and a little pale but I am sure she will come through with flying colours

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