This and that and a thank you.

Well, busy busy busy. Where does the time go? What an exciting happening for me, I have been awarded the Sunshine award from Allison over at her place of creativity at I will complete the award in the next few days.

In the meantime I have done my ‘yearly’ envelopes for a girlfriend of mine. Each year a group of friends pool a small amount of money weekly and split it up at the end of the year at a weekend away. I was asked to ‘fancy up’ their envelopes two years ago. I did warn them that my method of creating is by process and never know what is going to come out. They are happy with that and wait to see what each year brings. This year my trusty unipin pen dreamt up ‘graffiti’ randomrose style I guess I would call it. It do so enjoy ‘doodling’. I hope they like them.

IMG_5177 (Large) IMG_5176 (Large) IMG_5175 (Large) IMG_5174 (Large) IMG_5173 (Large) IMG_5172 (Large) IMG_5171 (Large)



The other thing  this week is my little lemon pip tree (I posted about her on my other block  She started out as a pip I literally threw into a tiny succulent pot on my kitchen table. To my amazement she grew and grew and grew. I wondered gleefully if it would be like Jack in the beanstalk…I could be randomrose in the lemon pip tree?? She grew so straight and strong but I worried for her as I am not a gardener of that dedication so I took her off to my next door neighbour who is a dab hand at growing. She too is fascinated with our little lemon pip tree so she is giving it her tender loving care to see what happens. Small thing in this world are the best.

My Lemon Tree


Here she is before she went to a new home and bigger pot (she is the straight strong one on the left). Annabella (on the right) wasn’t too happy and edged herself away. I think there is a class distinction between fruit and veg and succulents. Annabella succulent looks a bit high and mighty.

Last but certainly not least. My lemon pip tree carer next door came in with her weird and wonderful discovery, two carrots and two parsnip that had squashed together in the ground. Not enough room but determined to grow. They wound themselves into a tangle.  I have since scrubbed them up, left their jackets on, steamed them and thoroughly enjoyed their freshness and goodness. What a lovely, lovely week.

IMG_5180 (Large)Happiness to everyone…




5 thoughts on “This and that and a thank you.

  1. Love your envelopes Rose. They look very bright and trendy, cheerful even. Red is also one of my favourite colours. It’s a great energising colour. And that succulent sure has grown much bigger than little Pip! Poor Pip may feel a little left behind. It’s my guess they’re going to need there own separate homes soon though!

    • Thank you Kidazzlelnk. Little Pip has gone to a new home next door. My neighbour and I are convinced we are going to see a lemon tree reaching to the sky in…well…overnight? We both have creative fantasy minds (thinking Jack in the lemon…bean stalk :)) Thank you also for the likes.

      • Little Pip must have time to be looked after and more time to grow. Just imagine the yummy seafood you could enjoy when she provides a little dressing/blessing!

      • Thank you for your lovely story and do look after Pip! I really liked the story of Pip a d the succulent.

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