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I am getting ready to hold a ‘handmade book/creative writing workshop at my library. Yarra Plenty Regional Library – Rosanna branch so I have been very busy. We will be making two books and doing a short exercise in creative writing. Because the workshop is only for two hours I need to prepare books to a middle stage. I decided to make some decorated ones, that way if we run out of time the group can concentrate on learning the pamphlet stitch.  I have made blank ones (which I hope to use). Participants can  stitch then decorate to their liking with mixed media.

These are the decorated ones, spines and pages also have the holes in them ready  for binding. If these are not used I hope they are an inspiration, a jump-start for some. I know when I am in a class to learn something new, I tend to freeze up so I am one person who needs a little push in the right direction to get me started.

IMG_5159 (Large)


and these are the plain ones all. The covers are a soft card and the pages are computer paper. I didn’t want sewing difficult through hard covers etc. as the participants are beginners. I have pre-pricked the spine and pages ready for sewing.

IMG_5169 (Large)


On 08/10/2013 I posted pics of the beginning of my ‘Brown Paper Bag’ book. I have added a few more items to it:

IMG_5164 (Large)I was going to put everything in the pockets of the book but the pages seemed too plain just with the writings so I have added things to pages as well as the pockets.

IMG_5165 (Large)This is a peek inside the pocket of going to the lake and enjoy my sandwich with the children playing with their toy boats. You can see my paper plate with origami sailing ships on papers clips. More drawings are in there as well.

IMG_5166 (Large)Off to visit my ill neighbour with my thermos (from magazine) of chicken soup,(drew chicken on yellow paper and the wholemeal rolls are a picture from a magazine also. The flowers are origami. Plus my umbrella (cocktail one) incase it rains. I am enjoying this project as it is purely play.





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