Brown Paper Bag Book

I was looking for a recipe in my messy cupboard when my brown paper bags spilled out.  ‘Lunch Time Recipes’ came to me … book? Why not I thought, so let’s forget about the recipe I was looking for and the food I was going to cook. That is how creativity works, either not there at all or bang, must do it now.

I am not an avid cook, let’s face it I don’t even like cooking so actual recipe’s were not for this book. I pondered on what I could do. What do we put into a brown paper bag…sandwiches, and so it began.

IMG_5134 (Medium)








I folded each bag in half with the openings on opposite sides. Punched 5 holes into the spine and stitched pamphlet style (directions are in the book).

I have written all the recipes but only started filling the pockets with the first piece which is sharing your sandwich with the sparrows. I had tried to sketch sparrows in the wild in the past but they were too quick unless I nailed their feet to the ground….that’s not nice). So I took photos instead. I drew some of these little ones from the photos, others I just ‘doodled’ them along. I don’t say they are great but what I will say is I had lots of fun. I decided to just cut all my practice birds out and put them into the pocket. I am spontaneous in my art so to play around with practice then sit down and do it all again is not my way. They may not be great but I feel they have that playful look. I did print my favourite one out just onto computer paper and added him (he is the big boy), unfortunately I chopped his legs off…oops sorry big boy.

IMG_5135 (Medium) IMG_5141 (Large) IMG_5142 (Large)

The blue coloured fellow just didn’t look like a sparrow. By the time he came along the sandwich pieces were all gone so he took the paper bag. I couldn’t help more play so made another bird with paper clip legs and yet another from a book page. The miniature bag you see has a tiny plastic bag in it with what looks like pieces of the sandwich I was sharing with the sparrows. Added some feathers, not sparrows, they are a bit hard to come across.


These are the other pages. The day ran out, I had take away and the rest of play will have to wait for another day.

This book is not intended to be anything else but play. I do small workshops and that is my aim to teach people to relax and play. One gets the best surprises.


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