My daughter made a birthday table. Such a great idea and simple to do.

I like to play a game on my computer called ‘Fishdom‘ so my daughter decided on a ‘fish‘ theme.

As you can see below the wrapping paper was the bouncing off point. $2 shop paper. She bought enough paper to wrap the present and had extra to cut the fish out. She used one fish (the green fish you can see on the table) and fashioned that into a head of the serpent and another of the same fish to make his tail. She backed them with cardboard so they would have strength; then from the leftover scraps of paper she cut them into approx. 2cm strips (any width would work though).

From the craft shop she purchased two polystyrene circles approx 12cm in diameter and cut them in half. Wrapping three of the halves with the strips of paper she placed them as you see in the second picture with the head and tail sitting in blue tac to keep them upright.

Spreading the fish cutouts along the table (on a black tablecloth) with her fantastic sea serpent, completed a very clever and creative birthday table.

This would be lovely for a children’s birthday table as well. (after all…I am a big kid at heart).

sea serpent table (Large) sea serpent (Large)



  1. Dear 2craftand2create, you are so kind to offer me the nomination but I just like to blog when I can and enjoy other people inspiration and creativity without awards. My thrill is to learn what people are doing all around the world. Thanks you so much again. Your little girls are lucky to have such a lovely Mum.

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