I decided to make a set of handmade books as gifts for my volunteering work with an aged care facility. The theme was ‘books’ and I always  like to give them all a small gift.

It was so much fun doing these. As you can see they are so simple to make with ribbons as ties glued across the back and were presented closed with the ribbons tied in a bow. I used cutting from magazines; buttons and stickers from my wonderful $2 shop and was excited to find some ribbon with buttons on it at the Reject Shop (love all these type of shops as well as Op Shops of course. My favourite pen, the unipin waterproof black came in handy to add to the pictures with frames etc.

Origami is a favourite of mine as well, especially the crane so they had to have a showing.

The ladies and gentlemen loved them so not only was it fun and creative to do it spread a little love as well.