About poetry@fedsquare:


Poetry@fedsquare is a FREE program of poetry, music and performance which has been running since 2006. 


poetry@fedsquare can be  different things to different presenters, but above all, it is an opportunity for new voices and new works to be presented in a public setting with an ever-changing audience.


Readers and presenters in the poetry@fedsquare events come from all walks of literary life.  Some are published authors. Some are translators, and  some are first time authors with a piece of work in progress who want to test it out in the 5 minutes open readings; while others,  will read/ present the bilingual writing of another author, for example, a parallel text in English/ Serbian.


Over the years more than 1000  different poets, translators and open readers  have  participated in the program. 


The regular  format allows for two feature presenters to read for up to 20 minutes each, and  up to ten open readers who can read or recite in English & in other languages ( up to 5  minutes maximum each). 


Feature readers are authors who have had one or more book/s published.


There is an honorarium for Feature Readers, and this varies if the author is local or comes from interstate. 


In the open readings, authors can participate without booking in advance; but please note that there is no payment for open readers. 


The program is supported by Federation Square management, in collaboration with Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV); and is presented each third Saturday of the month, February to November. It is


In the warm months, February to April it is presented in the Atrium (Flinders Street entrance); during winter, May to August it is presented in the Grill Room –BEER DELUXE (enter from the main square).


World Poetry is a movement which was founded in 2004 under the auspices of Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV).


One of World Poetry’s principal objectives is to foster and sustain an invigorating and inclusive climate for dialogue which cultivates and promotes the inclusion of literatures in translation, in mainstream literary Australian literary landscape. 


lella cariddi

World Poetry  Co-Foundation Creative Director and  Curator &  presenter of poetry@fedsquare       



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