Dark and dreary Saturday

Melbourne winter, honestly, what happens? Who takes the light? I feel like someone puts are thick grey blanket right over the sky and blocks everything out.

Having said that, I cannot complain. I have had a lovely day. A dear friend of mine gave me a 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. I haven’t done a puzzle in many, many years but, as I always say, why not…why not try this and try that and well…try anything; so, today I cleared my table and spent a couple of delicious hours finding the ‘edges’. I was knee deep in mottled greens, tree branches ranging from black/grey to sun drenched gold, then beautiful nuances of muted blues, greens and purples. The excitement of finding a face peeping out from a tree or the red shoe that goes on the rotund gnome reminded me how lovely this pastime can be. This is the jigsaw.

I feel like I have been playing musical chairs. After a few jobs that were staring at me, washing, cooking etc. I picked up my knitting for awhile (knitting a pair of socks). I like the challenge of getting around that heel. After trying to knit socks I have great respect for mine when I put them on, they are quite unique little fellows.


Bed sock with tricky heels

After an outing to the local shop for coffee I am now playing on the computer, uploading photos to my supposerose.wordpress.com blog and having a chat here.

I don’t mind if that thick grey blanket stays over our sky tomorrow as I will enjoy much of the same.  Happiness to all and if you are under that blanket, hope you are having fun as well. Oh, I also am reading a book and that was happening as well. I am reading a crime novel at the moment which is something I don’t normally read but, as I said, why not! I am enjoying it so far. The author is Karin Slaughter…hee hee, gotta love that name for a crime writer. This one is called ‘broken’. Good suspense, only up to page 100 of 398 so I have a way to go to see ‘whodunit’.


4 thoughts on “Dark and dreary Saturday

  1. Oh My! So happy to see you and know you are OK and blogging again. I’ve been ill so not much has happened on my blog later, however, the last couple of weeks I’ve done 2 large paintings, so must be feeling better. Your bed socks are so pretty even if they have a tricky heal! Can’t imagine doing the puzzle! Amazing. Take care. hugs, Donna

  2. Oh, how lovely to hear you are back. I have just popped over to your place and boy! when you start you sure start big, as usual your girls are just superb. happiness to you Rose

  3. I am so happy too to see you are back, dear Rosemary. I missed you so much. I can imagine your winter skies… but you know, you carry your own sun with yourself…. I love puzzles… yours seem not easy one. Good Luck! And amazing knitting… Thank you dear, I wish you to have a sunny winter days, love, nia

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