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I am slowly getting back into ‘normal’ life. I came back from holidays with a health problem but things are looking very good now, so, as a friend of mine said the other day; I am now hot to trot (ready to enjoy all the things I love doing).

Having a health problem is not always bad as I have been, grounded, which means there has been a lot of ‘home’ time, rest time which meant reading, drawing, writing, knitting and all that is such fun.

Books that I have read lately are:

Bravemouth by Pamela Stephenson

Bravemouth (living with Billy Connolly) Author of course Pamela Stephenson. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Not only is it about Billy, Pamela and their family, but Pamela has managed a beautiful travelogue as well. There are many anecdotes and plenty of humour.

how now brown frau – Author: Merridy Eastman

This is a memoir. On the back of the book it say this book is a ‘laugh-out-loud funny book. It certainly is. Once on the bus and once in a waiting room, I found myself the centre of attention when I suddenly burst out laughing, so if you read this book, which I strongly recommend, just be careful where you are reading it. Merridy (quoting the back of the book here) plunges headlong into a new life in Bavaria where she takes up residence four months pregnant and without a word of German under her belt.  A world of challenge opens up for her, but with the help from some wonderful expat friends, Merridy grows to love the beautifully restored ancient city, and to realise that travel doesn’t just broaden the mind, it can also open the heart. This book is also a wonderful travelogue.

There’s a Bear in There (And He Wants Swedish

This book is about Merridy’s job as a receptionist in a brothel. It is raw, hilarious, funny, fascinating and near-as-dammit true account of a forbidden world, told with a lively sense of the absurd and a rare and forgiving understanding of human frailty.

The Dovekeepers

I bought this book at the airport on the way home. I just couldn’t make up my mind what to get; I am so lucky I chose this wonderful book. Again to quote some of the back of the book:

Nearly two thousand years ago, nine hundred Jews held out for months against armies of Romans on Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert. This book is about that time and the lives of four complex and fiercely independent women; they are all keeping secrets about who they are, where they come from, who fathered them, and whom they love.

I found this book intriguing, so different in every way, I couldn’t put it down.

The Dovekeepers

As you can see I am quite an eclectic reader but then I live my whole life like that.


2 thoughts on “This and that and other things

  1. I am so glad to hear you again dear Rosemary but I am sorry to hear that you had a health problem, I hope and wish not a serious one… Get well soon dear. I loved your post, seems they are all so nice to read… Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, love, nia

  2. I’ve replied to your lovely comment left on my website, Rose. So glad you enjoyed my books. Your blog/website’s is gorgeous and nutritious! xx

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