Cup of tea anyone?

Firstly I would like to apologize for my tardiness. Things are just a little chaotic at the moment. I try to pop in to your blogs because I don’t want to miss out altogether. You are all doing such creative work, congratulations.

Tea time: I have gathered all sorts of things for my next session with my lovely people at the Nursing Home. It is coming up next Thursday. I like to do as much research as I can so I have an abundance of material…just in case.

I took time off from other things to (a) do something creative and (b) to add to my material for the ‘morning tea’.

Excuse the terrible circles but I was a little pushed for time but they turned out well I feel. I did get the pattern from that delicious book “Everything Alice”. In the book they put a little label hanging from the handle with the invitation to a tea party on it. I haven’t done that as I intend to give one each to my  ladies and gentlemen to have in their rooms and it might help them remember our time together (most of my nursing home residents are high care), suffering with dementia etc.

Over the years I have made handmade books and written pieces on ‘tea’ and tea cups etc.

This piece was prompted by a visit to Disneyland.


Tea was part of it

Disneyland started it

In one I sat

Round and round I spun

Colours, patterns, light – and fun.

cup-shape is just right

For so many things.

Some have brightly coloured rings.

Some made for food

Depends on the mood.

A little blue bell

Will grow safe and sound

Much, much better than

In the ground.

And for goodness sake

If the handle should break

Don’t throw a wally,

Now it’s a poly…

Don’t know what a Poly was used in?

It used to live in the flour-bin.

But what about one

With a slender body

Filled to the brim

With a delicious hot toddy?

What is this Poem all about?

No – not the teapot with its spout.

It’s what we use to sit and sup

Our beautiful, delicate, wonderful


This next piece I wrote whilst having tea..sorry, in my case coffee in a food court:

A cup of tea and a slice of life

People in wheelchairs

Old – or – disabled

Men behind counters in striped aprons

Tea and cake on special

Cleaning lady busy at work wiping down tables

Her trolley laden with brushes, brooms, and rubbish bags.

Chairs scraping, shifting –

Lovers sitting, chatting quietly

Others-just pondering

Some look happy…others, sad.

People in coats – it’s cold today

People in suits – computer busy

Children – dancing, laughing

Asking questions, questions.

Mothers – tired – strained – trying to answer

Mothers – feeding babies to the breast so warm

Elderly – together always – sharing life

But for some – sitting alone

With silent thoughts.

The single bond for all is their cup of tea.


Our kettle boils and signals it’s time for tea

Fine china cups filled with brew

Maybe lemon and sugar or sweet cream too

But best of all

There is friendship between you and me

As we lovingly share our morning tea


Till the next time, happy creating one and all…




7 thoughts on “Cup of tea anyone?

  1. How beautiful and amazing all these things… You are so nice and very kind. I am sure they will be so happy with you again… I wished to be there too… These tea cups are amazing, I loved them, I loved so much… Thank you for sharing with us too dear Rosemary. Your poetical lines captured me, so beautifully written… I am excited as if I am there too… Have a nice and enjoyable day, my dear Rosemary, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. I love these cups and saucers – just beautiful! I worked in nursing care for about 15 years — this is a wonderful way to prompt memories! Thank you.

  3. I followed your gravatar from one of your comments to come back here, Rosemary, and I’m glad I did. Your whimsical teacups and tea-time verse are delightful! When I enlarged the teacup photos I couldn’t believe how creative and varied you were with the designs! You took a lot of time with those!


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