Busy, busy, busy

Where has the time gone? Where does each day disappear to? At the moment it is like a huge vacuum cleaner close to my world and it is sucking up the time before I have a chance to do all the things I want and need to do.

I am not complaining, my life is rich and interesting but just sometimes so very busy. I am beginning to pack up my little house slowly. It is school holidays here and I had my grandson for a few days. We had a brilliant time together. We visited our Shrine of Remembrance where he learnt many things about what the soldiers wore in both WWI and WW2. We put on white gloves and were able to examine binoculars and compass from 1917. My grandson is half Greek and they told him stories of the Australian going to Greece to help and showed photos etc.  On another day we took a ride in a beautiful white carriage pulled by two white horses with bright red feather plumes around our City. Then another day we went to a children’s farm where he got to milk a cow, cuddle a guinea pig, feed horses and goats. In between all that we non-stop talk about all manner of things…a total delightful time…so…I thought what about ‘My Mother’s Ways’ about children.

Yes, the last one is me and … gulp … I just about fit into ‘My Mother’s Ways’ style.

Quotes from ‘My Mother’s Ways:

When ice first came to our district, a boy of eleven or twelve had never seen it before and was so fascinated by it he took a piece and hid it for later. When he returned to get it and couldn’t find it, he thought someone had stolen it from him!


If your child has long straight hair and you put it in rags every night to encourage curling, dip your fingers into warm water in which a little gelatine has been dissolved as you put in each rag. Next morning the hair will curl beautifully for you.


If men’s woollen scarves are no longer used, they can be made into skirts for small children two to three years old. The width of the scarf becomes the length; attach it to a bodice. If enough is left, make a little jerkin to match and decorate with braiding to suit.


For filling the bodies, limbs, etc; of home-made soft toys, use ‘wood waste’ – the fine string-like slivers used for packing crockery and the like, usually given away freely by most tradesmen. Toys firmly stuffed with this never get floppy or out of shape.


The carry-basket before they were invented:

You may travel in comfort with baby in spite of railways restrictions on prams. Into a long, shallow, long-handled flower-basket, place a soft fluffy blanket and a baby pillow, and travel aboard the train in comfort. Mother carries the basket through her arm or at full-arm swing. In a bus or tram you can set the basket beside you on the seat and you are both free to enjoy the outing.

“Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children.”
 Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes (American physician, poet, writer, humorist and professor at Harvard, 1809-1894)

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http://thedailygraff.com   I just love this blog.  J.A Robinson has a humour that resonates with me. He is a photographer who sees the world of his subjects. His quote about his blog is:

Where plants, animals, and object do the talking

Go take a roam over at ‘The Daily graff’, you will not be disappointed. ‘Sniff’ is just his latest piece.

I have been so busy but when I have finished checking out everyone I will endeavour to post something myself.

Happiness to everyone ….