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Another wonderful day in 2012. I met one of my niece’s today for coffee and chat. It was just lovely. The weather has cooled but we still had the sunshine. It was non stop talk, laughing and sharing. She gave me a ‘bag of gifts’. Each and everyone is a treasure. Let me share them with you. As you can see I like ‘owls’ and books and of course bookmarks go with them. I am soooo lucky…


My dear friend Nia send me a parcel before Christmas (I posted the gifts in an earlier post). Among her gifts was this book:

The beginning and its beautiful page marker

I am not very good at giving reviews as such but I want to talk about this book in my way. For a start, there are some books that I will press down the spine to make it stay open (certainly without damaging it). There are some books I will allow to rattle around in my large bag. There are some books I will turn over pages with slightly sticky fingers…and so on. Then there are some books that come to me with elegance, a special quality…this is one of those books. The moment I touched it I knew it was special. Beautifully bound with the lovely page marker (I love books with ribbon page markers).  Good quality paper has been used. Double spacing and a nice easy font which allows the prose to flow.

Buket Uzuner (the author) writes using Istanbul in the first person (hence the title), which gives the story strength and depth. I am not sure what to call the style of writing I would say prose but it so poetic at the same time. Let me give you an example:

I am Istanbul; I am Constantinople; I am Dersaadet! For millennia I have been on the minds and lips of those who would claim me for their own. For me have emperors, kings and sultans vied; for me have pashas and soldiers shed sweat and blood: ah, those men of varied tongues, faiths and races, all of them a tremble at the prospect of storming my nuptial chamber and of possessing a city elusive and legend! I, enchantress and seductress, am Istanbul. (quote from the book).

By delivering the life of Istanbul through the eyes of Istanbul itself,  I felt I got to know the city intimately.

I found I held the book gently and turned the pages slowly, deliberately, respecting the city, the author, the book itself. It was a magic experience. Thank you my dear Nia

As long as there are beautiful well made books, they will never die. e-books are valuable for travelling and I would like one but I will never give up beautiful bound books.

and now another great book:

Watercolours – Author: Adrienne Ferreira (Australian)

As you can see on the cover it is ‘The story of a boy artist, a river town and its mysterious underworld’.

This book has 342 pages; being paperback it was easy to hold, the font is easy to read and the paper, whilst not of the highest quality, it was nice to feel.

Novi is 11years old and loves to draw. The author gives each character a strength of their own so that I was never confused about who was who, as you do in some novels, (by the way, this is the author’s first novel).

She allows Novi to be in the first person which is delightful. Each page has an ‘wow’ moment. Here is an excerpt:

(Novi is speaking): When I need to draw, it feels like something inside me is being squeezed, like when I walk through the paperbarks down to the swimming hole and the cicadas are all around me, their voices like a throbbing heart. My heart starts throbbing, too, as though there are cicadas inside me, bursting to escape and join the others in the trees. Then I draw a picture and they fly off. For a while the pressure goes away. But they always creep back when I am not looking. Before long their little drum bodies start to hum and I need to draw again.

The author carries this idea throughout the book, using it to describe Novi’s emotions toward his art. He visits Sydney for the first time, he has never been to a big city before. There are so many things to look at his ‘cicadas’ becomes silent and he worries.  What a beautiful way to describe the emotion when your muse leaves you.

This was a book that I couldn’t put down yet I didn’t want it to finish.

I hope you enjoyed snippets of these books. We are so lucky to lose ourselves in wonderful stories…I say thank you to those authors.


My name is Rosemary so I just had to post this next picture. Oh to look so refined. I wonder if I practice all the hints in this book would I turn into an elegant, refined woman…..NO, NO, NO. My creative brain just doesn’t allow me to be elegant, besides I wouldn’t survive in all those clothes of that era.

Maybe me in a past life?

I am having my grandson for the next three days (school holidays) so if I go missing it is because I am having fun and learning from an 8year old. He has just started ringing me and having a ‘general’ conversation. It is so lovely.

TIP: When your frying pan develops a small leak, cut off the portion opposite the handle, paint the pan with any paint desired and you have a neat and serviceable ‘dust-pan’ that will last for years.

May your creativity last for the next 100 years. Thank you for visiting…



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  1. How I love to read your daily touches and your beautiful sharing with us and sure your amazing creative world too… Exactly you are one of them who I want to meet in real life too… Who knows maybe one day… I pray for this… I noted your books, and I added to my list, How beautiful your gifts… Bookmarks, etc. They are so lovely… And I know how you appreciate them… I am so glad to hear that you loved the Istanbul book… She is a nice writer, I was so happy when I found her book in English…. Thank you dear Rosemary, (by the way I am so romantic and so nostalgic, I wished to be in the picture, to wear like that 🙂 and you to live in the past… and another point how I love your name, “Rosemary”… and you are the one who I have met with this name but in any case your are the one in my life) Have a nice and enjoyable time with your little friend. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia for your lovely words. We are so lucky to have friendships and interests, to see blue skies and small animals, to live life peacefully. I can never get over how lucky I am … love to you and yes, one day we may meet and share a coffee. xx randomrose

      Rosemary …aka…randomrose Happiness is….creating

      Reflections in lake sky and trees admiretheir own beauty

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