New Years Day

If my start to 2012 is anything to judge the rest of the year, then I am going to have the best time of my life.

Today in Melbourne the weather is going to be hot, hot, hot – around 35/38c. So, up early, coffee (of course) and water the garden. Good morning to them all. Tomatoes are huge but still green, azalea, resting with her deep green leaves thankful for being in the shade all day. Alyssum flowers drinking deeply knowing they will wilt under the hot sun. Maindenhair fern smiles from her deep shaded area and enjoys the gentle misting and deep watering.

Next, headphones on, new music (A Christmas present-I had the best fun choosing from i-tunes) and off I set for my walk. Sun shining on the gentle side at this stage, red roses nodding to me from between picket fence. White cockatoo, cheeky and brave, didn’t move when I walked passed him; his morsel in the lawn was more important. I whistled to him, he cocked his head, saw that I wasn’t a threat and went on fossicking. Music, sunshine, and nature made me step it out. One song had me doing a hop, kip and jump (the man behind me probably thought…silly old woman). Saw a friend in his garden, I stopped and wish him a Happy New Year then skipped home (well…almost). Here I am now, cyber visiting all my friends from near and far. Now that, is a brilliant start to the day and the new year. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

I don’t know which to start with. I am torn between my two delicious books at the moment. Everything Alice and a novel titled: Watercolours – Author: Adrienne Ferreira (an Australian author).  Adrienne was born in Sydney in 1975 and grew up in Sandy Beach on the mid north coast. She has written short stories and poetry. This book Watercolours is her first novel. Adrienne now lives on the NSW Central Coast with her husband and twin boys. I just have to tell you about this book, but first, I have to return to Alice as I spoke of her in my last blog. Here are some of the pictures from the book. I couldn’t stop photographing them. There are many more pages:

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I am sure you can see why I just had to have it. Beautifully presented, bright, colourful, and totally de-lic-ious! (I just realised I haven’t got the pics in order, but, that’s me, never quite in order…thank heavens)  Pop over and visit Pollyanna, a very interesting blog, so well written and interesting, a bit of everything and thought provoking as well. I love it.

Over at my other blog I will post the little orphans I found on my walk this morning.

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2 thoughts on “New Years Day

  1. The book fascinated me, I noted to my list… I will order soon. Thank you dear Rosemary, you always carry me into a beautiful worlds… How nice to follow you. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • I am glad you can understand why I just had to have it. My sewing machine ended its life a month or so ago, along with my camera. I decided on camera instead of sewing machine but this book has made me go out today and buy a new sewing machine. When will I ever get time to make anything? who knows but we are all the same, are we not? We collect like little gathering birds knowing some day we will get around to making new nests. love and friendship to you randomrose xx

      Rosemary …aka…randomrose Happiness is….creating

      Reflections in lake sky and trees admiretheir own beauty

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