Buy tea-towels by the dozen and all one size. When they begin to wear thin, sew two of them together along all four edges and have another three months wear from them.


Every time you cut bread, place the board on a clean sheet of paper and collect the crumbs. Keep in a jar and use for fish, cutlets and rissoles.


Don’t throw away a bucket or dish if it springs a leak. Mend it with a press-stud fastener, one half inside, the other outside, and tap it lightly with a hammer to fasten the press-stud. A teapot can be mended the same way.


if you have an old pair of slippers with good soles but worn out tops, knit, with any old wool, a big enough piece to fit over the top. Sew the knitted piece onto the upper of the slipper.


Fill wet boots with dry oats and set aside for a few hours. The oats will draw out the moisture and prevent the leather from shrinking and cracking. Dry out the oats and use again (for his breakfast?)…I don’t think so as it goes on to say: When the oats are longer needed, feed the oats to the fowls or the horses.

* Things were never wasted in days gone by. Their garbage bins would not be overflowing like one sees today.

‘EVERYTHING ALICE’ is my new book

I couldn’t resist it, I had to buy it. Will I do anything in it…I hope so…I am sure I will. I pulled it from the shelf, drooled over each and every page then put it back. I don’t need another book that is beautiful, inspirational, amazing, colourful, delicious so it went back on the shelf…5 times. It was time to leave, I couldn’t go without it and I am so pleased. It is just a beautiful book. It is on Amazon but it doesn’t give you the best look inside. I will take some pictures to show you. I would love to have all my blogger friends over for a ‘Mad Hatter’s tea party’ and do everything from the book.

Happy creating….



  1. I adore the tid bits you shared with us this morning … such wisdom, and as you so rightly say, it would solve our land fill issues! Happy you have your book home with you … it will give you such pleasure. Can’t wait to see the photographs. Happy New Year’s Eve, R. Rose. Enjoy, whatever you are doing. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You are such a lovely lady. hugs and love, Donna

    • Thank you Donna, yes, my book is here with me. What is it with us ‘creative’ people? I almost dribble over things that excite me…let’s face it…I do dribble sometimes…hee hee love to you randomrose xx

      Rosemary …aka…randomrose Happiness is….creating

      Reflections in lake sky and trees admiretheir own beauty

  2. What a beautiful post… I’ll keep these notes too dear Rosemary… Have a nice and enjoyable reading with your new book… Thank you. You are such a beautiful lady, like an angel… Blessing and Happiness, Happy New Year. With my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, you are the best. If you see on my ‘photograph’ blog I have managed larger photos…I could not have done it without your help. I feel sad sometimes that none of my friends like the computer, they miss out on such wonderful people, stories and fun and on a selfish note I have no-one to learn with, but thanks to you I am learning from afar. love randomrose xx

      Rosemary …aka…randomrose Happiness is….creating

      Reflections in lake sky and trees admiretheir own beauty

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