I cannot express my happiness and excitement of receiving yet another parcel. This time from my dear friend in Turkey Nia    and her other blog which is also divine

I cannot wait to share my gifts with you:

Each and everyone is so special to me, thank you Nia, forever I will have some of you here and memories of, what I like to say these days, is ‘My Turkey’. I have travelled a lot but Turkey has a special place in my heart. Seven weeks of backpacking, meeting the most wonderful people (wish I had met Nia). If anyone want’s to travel to Turkey, do so. My girlfriend and I did it all by public transport. We are in our late 60’s, felt totally safe with normal precautions. The people are kind and so interesting.

I have to apologize at the moment with this rushed posting. I am run off my feet just for a little while. I have so much to show and tell but it will have to wait a little longer. I want to say how sorry I am I cannot get over to visit everyone’s blog but I will get there.

Happiness and love to you all  ….