More extracts from ‘My Mothers Ways’

More on children:

I am actually going to use this one:

Here is a nice idea for icing a cake for a children’s party. Ice the cake in the usual way, then with a different coloured icing, mark the cake into as many sections as there are to be children, and write each child’s name in one of the sections.

I think children would love to see their names on the birthday child’s cake.

Dressed ready for a party

On knitting children’s clothes:

Before commencing to knit baby garments, dust the hands with lavender powder; the woollies will have a delightful fragrance when finished.

Little cuties

I just love this one:

Sew two buttons on the children’s house slippers, then paint them with luminous paint. The youngsters will have no trouble finding their slippers in the dark – in fact, they enjoy looking for them.

I could imagine this little one seeking out her slippers

Who has Christmas stories from their childhood that they would like to share? Cute, sad, funny etc.

I volunteer through my local library at aged homes. The program is called WOW (Words on wheels). I go to aged facilities for an hour or so once a month. I choose a theme each time, of course this one next week is Christmas. It is interactive so I take music, props, stories and poetry etc. I have a Teddy Bear called Kevin and Jemima Puddle duck, they come along as well.

Jemima and Kevin

So any stories you share and I think they are suitable for my themes, would it be o.k. if I relate them. I have chosen ‘high care’ patients with dementia etc. Somewhere in their mind I like to think they remember.

I am off now to see if I can load some more pics from Peak Hill. Call over if you have time

Thank you all for such creative inspiration on your blogs.


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  1. Don’t you just love these old books! Entertainment in and of themselves, as well as advice we can still use today. Adorable photographs of the children. hugs, Donna

    • Thanks Donna, I don’t know what I love bout this book more, the tips and ideas or the photographs, it is such a fun thing to share this book. love randomrose xx

      Rosemary …aka…randomrose Happiness is….creating

      Reflections in lake sky and trees admiretheir own beauty

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