Two more dolls arrived

They are breeding, these little dolls: Say hello to Diddle and Doddle

Diddle and Doddle

I had to hide my knitting needles on myself (is that possible?). I am quite busy at the moment but I keep having a little knit here and there which is funny. I will do the ironing, put it all away, pack up the ironing board and iron then do ten minutes of knitting before next job etc. etc.

Today  my daughter-in-law and I decorated my grandson’s birthday cake. My daughter-in-law (Mary)  felt she couldn’t decorate, so I got her to do nearly all of it. It is excellent (I forgot to take a photo, I will take it tomorrow before they cut it). Mary ended up very pleased with what she did. Whilst I forgot to take a photo of the cake, I did take photos of her Christmas tree and decorations, they are just beautiful.























Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate    



2 thoughts on “Two more dolls arrived

  1. Happy Birthday to her… This is amazing dear Rosemary, I loved your knitting dolls, so lovely. I am thinking to make something like that… It is in mind mind now… Thank you, and I wish you with your family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… And let me add this too, you are one of beautiful things for this 2011 that I have met with you. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

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