I’m back

Hi, I am back and I have been madly trying to catch up on what everyone has been up to. I cannot possibly get through it all, you are all so prolific and wonderful and clever and creative. Photography, painting, poetry, crafts etc. So inspirational.

I want to say a huge thank you to Donna http://www.donnadidit.net/    I sent her a small gift parcel and she has displayed it on her blog, that is so lovely of her. I am glad she like her parcel. Making things is half the joy, sharing them is the other half. Donna has just had a big photo shoot of her work, very impressive.

As I said before I left, I was going to a very small town in NSW where I do not get a signal from my mobile server, No internet (there is internet there but not where I was). I went to another small town for a day visit and to my excitement I received a signal…yahooo…sent one SMS, got a reply then my phone died. I should say my battery. I couldn’t believe it. Of course no one sold a mobile phone battery and I did not get to a larger town so I felt like the ‘old days’, no mobile, no internet. Interestingly enough it didn’t worry me unduly. Do we really need these things? When I finally got a new battery back here the phone didn’t stop beeping with banked up messages.

An earlier story I wrote was about the little knitted doll I made for my Son when he was three yrs old (he is now thirty six yrs old) . To my surprise he kept it all these years. My Grandson asked to have it and Mummy washed little doll but he fell apart. I took my knitting needles and wool away with me do make another one for him. Once I started, I couldn’t stop and I am still going…help!  Little people everywhere. I used 8ply wool and only had 4mm (size eight) needles with me. I should have taken size eleven as the stitches are a little big but they don’t seem to mind.

Little people everywhere

The little fellow on the right didn’t want any mouth,legs or arms. He just wanted to be different. There are two more in the cooking pot. I will end up with a barrel full.

A very creative woman make dolls, porcelain ones, makes all their clothes, she is just amazing. Her husband was in the army and for his 80th birthday she made a replica of him. She had miniature medals made to match his, special boots made and hat and made the uniform from real army material. She then decided he needed a wife and this is her little people…how I wish I could do something like this

Then there is another clever person who made a dog (don’t know who it was) but he (the dog-and no doubt the maker) has such character. Doggy is fashioned out of tin but from a distance he look like he is fabric (maybe that doesn’t come up on the photo).















I will attempt to put some photos on my photo blog. www.supposerose.wordpress.com  I am not really a photographer but can’t help taking pics.

Happiness to everyone and congrats on all your great work…