Going away, coming back, starting another blog

Just as well I am going away for a couple of weeks as it has kept me busy. I feel a little lost now that I have finished my challenge. I don’t know what to do next. The one thing I am in the process of is starting another blog. I am so impressed and inspired by Nia’s photography http://photographyofnia.com/  and I have sooo many photos from here there and everywhere that I would like to share them on a blog. I don’t pretend to live up to Nia’s ability but I have fun with my camera and am always taking shots of all types of things I come across.

Everyone take care, keep creating….catch up with you all soon.



5 thoughts on “Going away, coming back, starting another blog

  1. Dear Rosemary, have a nice and enjoyable days, I have been already missing you. I am so excited now about your new blog, you have a wonderful photographical eye, and I always love them. It would be so nice to follow your blogs, Angels and muses be with you always, Thank you, Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

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