Number 29

At first I wanted to put these pieces back, I couldn’t see a link. Eventually the obvious came to me.



So fitting in this case. A story from Germany, Winnie the Pooh the random letters and of course, paper where letters, words and stories are written on. It didn’t take long at all to put this together, the simplest of them all. Its cute but it didn’t tell me any nice stories, it just fell into place.

And finally in this challenge Number 30 scraps

  • 6 x paste papers of various blues
  • 1 x kozo pale blue
  • 1 x marble scrap
  •  1 x  curly piece of something
  • 1 x piece handmade pulp paper

Well I will see you all tomorrow night for the last of my collages. I must get back to my writing but there are so many fantastic blogs and sites on the internet; all of them so inspiring. I want to try everything. I just have to live for another 200 years.

A long time ago I had  the program ‘Elements’, it was  on my old computer, and loved making fractals frommy artwork but I haven’t got that program anymore and cannot do them. The one below was one of my favourites.  It is a shame as I cannot remember what the piece of artwork was.

The ocean waves upon the moon - fractal

Happy creating to everyone…


5 thoughts on “Number 29

  1. AWWWH! It’s gorgeous R. Rose. Love the colour and the theme. Tomorrow is your last day … it’s gone to quickly. The piece done in elements is fun and exciting. I just got elements and don’t have a clue. We will see. xxDonna

  2. I can’t believe how we came to the number 30! Oh dear Rosemary, how beautiful things you created with all of them, A great and fantastic world with piece of papers… Always you carried me into this world, it was so exciting, so enjoyable and so inspirational too. Million Thanks. I wonder now what will be number 30… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, I said above to Donna, I will try and post a slide show of the work. Not sure if I can do it. WordPress is easy to use most of the time but haven’t tried that yet.
      I never get the time to sit down and actually see what I can do with WordPress…one day…
      love r.rose

      • I can see thay it works… Wonderfully done. You are amazing, I can’t believe how days passed. Thank you dear Rosemary, Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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