Number 28

mmmm….This one started with the best idea yet, began with a complete picture in my head. This one is going to be the ‘piéce de résistance’ of collage yeh!….then….I over worked and over worked and over worked until the original idea disappeared 😦

snowflakes falling

 Winter white cannot camouflage 

Reindeer forest

Into place thundered the reindeer. Each tree cut, bare and blue, most tall, some small. Branches reach out to harbour snow drifts. Silver metal dances itself into the frame. Carefully clipped snowflakes cut from the wrapping paper. They are not wanting to see they are too large, they just want in on this scene so on they go. A dark piece of scrap that didn’t belong begged for inclusion, no one could see this was getting too much. Stars, we need stars, of course we do, let’s do dots as well, little starts, millions of them…go go go.

Finally a coffee, a rest but no insight other than the trees are too blue, not working. Zig pen runs up and down, around, can’t stop, too much, now I have to add some smaller blue trees Poor reindeer, quiet, sad, disappearing; but on we go…puff paint for snow. Comes out too fast, not concentrating, plosh, plod, squish, dot…silence.

 Deep in the forest 

Winter trees – giant snowflakes –

Lost Reindeer

Spot the reindeer

Just thought of another name for it   The Blizzard’. I am having more fun with the workings of this piece after I finished. It doesn’t really matter what it looks like. From the beginning of this challenge I said I work by and out of trouble…sometimes just in.I did get carried away with each individual piece and not kept my eye on the whole far too much with this one.       What do you think?

Number 29 – second last

Number 29 scraps

Yikes…I wanted to put this lot back!

  • 1 x torn page from a book written in German? (have no idea what it says -gulp. I think it came in a parcel surprise a long time ago.
  • 1 x cutesy pic of Poo’s friends
  • 1 x tag
  • 1 x purple piece of me-teinte
  • 1 x pink piece computer paper
  • 3 x stone letters (one is upside down)  X Q  Z.

What a mish mash…

I have added quite a few new and interesting people to my blogroll. They have been hopping over here to have a look and I have visited them but just haven’t had a chance to update my ‘who’s who’ list. Thank you everyone. One new one I found has various artists with different types of work,most inspiring.

Playing with my camera again. I came home today to find this teeny weeny green planthopper on my front security door. I ran in, grabbed the camera and hoped he was still there and he was. My camera did a great job in capturing him. I thought they were just plain green but up close they have white spots, how fascinating

Here he is on my security door – a tiny green spot

Here he is up close and personal, isn’t he cute…he/she?

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” 
― Thich Nhat Hanh


4 thoughts on “Number 28

  1. Such an interesting process for this piece … and as you say, it is all about the ‘challenge’ of doing 30. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. I actually like this piece. The colours are lovely. Your camera did do a great job of capturing that little creature. Detail is superb. hugs, Donna

    • I have always like those little critters, I like their triangle shape and it was great to see it up close and personal. Thanks for liking 28. I kinda do as well, it was just that I got carried away with the bits, but it was all fun. cheers and hugs r.rose

  2. How beautiful this post… Fascinated me your words and the quote… This lovely green creature is amazing and you captured him (him 🙂 ) so nicely… “Reindeer”…. great imaginary. Piece of papers are being alive and a character/a story in your creative world. This is actually so exciting and alwasy I feel same; they are talking… And I read them all like page by page everyday… Thank you once again for your amazing package! From Australia to here! Still I watch them with my emotional eyes… 🙂 I am thinking what can I do with them,… But I don’t want to waste any piece of them, maybe I can put them on a background all of them and to make a frame… How precious for me dear Rosemary, I know now, you are an angel without wings… You know there are some people like that, and I am so glad and honoured that I met with one of them. And Thank you for new blog names, I am learning through your blog and your sharings, most of them are so nice creative people… All of them adding my humble life a new exciting worlds… As you! I hope and make my fingers crossed my mail to reach you soon! Your post office perfectly worked. And now our post office. Have a nice day my dear Rosemary, with my love, nia

  3. Thank you Nia, you are so kind. We are all learning from each other which is so good. I am going to miss all this whilst I am away but I will be way out in the country so I will enjoy it and the visit to my Sister-in-Law. Hugs and love to you r.rose

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