Holland in a fog | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Holland in a fog | Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

My daughter and grandgirls walk home from school with little lights on their clothes, they look like little walking Christmas trees. I hope I get a photo of them.

One thought on “Holland in a fog | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

  1. I can imagine dear Rosemary, seems as you expressed… Should be so bad to have fog… We don’t live usually in here… But I know when I lived in UK, oh my God! I couldn’t believe in my landlady, because she told me that I could go to my school as always… And I said to her, how possible I can’t see anything… but yes, everything (life) and traffic, everything works as a normal day… The bus comes at the same time too… and there was a traffic police in the mid of the road and we listen to him… Blessing and Happiness to your family and to you dear Rosemary,
    with my love, nia

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