Number 27


Oh boy, did I have fun with this. Very quickly it said ‘carousel and I was excited to start. The colours seemed right, and away we went, beautiful carousel music played in my head as the horses gently made their way onto their poles. sparkly gel pens, dancing movement. This was pure joy. I just love carousels. I try to go on them wherever I go, especially the original ones.

I didn’t feel comfortable using the horses I had drawn, just not right, so in this case I traced a small horse from a book using a 4b pencil then rubbed over the back of the tracing paper to transfer it to the pieces of the scraps I wanted to use.

Slicing the poles and bits and pieces were a joy. Once I start slicing I’m in another world. When I am cutting a shape with my craft knife, it is unusual that I draw it first.  I think about the things I want to cut. If it is a plant or tree I feel its root system where it is coming from and going to, its shape, bark and branches. An animal..I make it real in my head and it seems to flow through to the knife. Does anyone else know what I am saying. Doesn’t have to be cutting, could be anything that you do.I would like to know if others feel this as well…or…I could be just insane 🙂

Number 28

Number 28 scraps

  • An interesting piece of ‘reindeer’ wrapping paper
  • Silver tin foil (very thin)
  • Blue paste paper
  • Blue marble wrapping paper
  • small piece tissue paper
  • two pieces of dark colour paste paper

My actions are my only true belongings.”
― Thich Nhat Hanh

I love this new camera, Ladybird on parsley this morning.

Who is guarding who?

Playing around




















Happy playing everyone.


4 thoughts on “Number 27

  1. Today’s piece is such a delight, R. Rose. I too am a fan of antique carousels. When I lived in the UK, t a lot of time at English Country Fairs ooooogling the horses. I understand completely your creative process. The work which appears on my canvas definitely come through me … I am only a means to an end. A vehicle. The process blows me away. Aren’t good cameras wonderful? I’m so happy you have a new one and are having fun. My paintings talk to me … so I wouldn’t worry that ‘you’ might be insane. ha ha. hugs, Donna

    • We do have a lot in common don’t we. All the distance between humans doesn’t mean much sometimes. Don’t know if you ever went to Geelong when in Melbourne. The have a carousel and then they have a couple of the original horses not even restored in a mini mini museum. On one hand they are sad to see but they still have such a beauty; it is like they still have their soul. If being insane helps things that don’t have a human voice talk to me, then I am, and will stay happily insane. Your beautiful Medicine Woman talks sense to you, not sure about my knife??? 🙂

  2. You are amazing lady, I admire what you are doing with your piece of papers, and how you give them a character and make them alive… You made me smile too, about this cutting papers… And also I can say this too, you are doing great job with your camera too. I loved this ladybug, and also the sculpture… This is so nice. And I am excited as you now, because of photoshop, it is great fun and I am sure you will enjoy. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thank you once again Nia, for your lovely comments and I am glad that these wonderful creative talks and feelings happen to you as well (I can see by your work). We are such lucky people.

      I am like you, trying to fit everything in. We celebrate Christmas here with family so this time of year becomes very busy but I am not letting my camera out of my sight…snap, snap…cook, cook 🙂 🙂 love r.rose

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