Number 26

I laid out all the pieces in front of me for this one, studied the piece that had the failed drawing, turning it upside down, sideways, angled etc. No wonder I didn’t use it the first time, still didn’t like it this time…so…turned it over and cut out a cat (cat’s are on my mind lately)…sorry Habibi the dog (accused him of being a cat). The stamp seemed to be glaring, not working, so bordered it roughly in black and thought of it as a sign so cut out two small pieces of the spray painted piece for a sign post and left it to one side, as I did the words came…

110th Street with its sign

on the post

Sits in the dark

harbouring the ghost

Everyone is afraid to walk down 110th Street at night.

Those words just came as I bordered the stamp with the black so used a black water soluble oil pastel as the night sky and bordered it by working the pastel in a lot then washing it to an almost solid form so there was a dull light in the centre area.

 Cat prowling at night above children


in their home’s bright light.

A slim strip of paste paper lit up the children’s houses below the dark of the night.

The night is the host

for the family of ghosts

The night feels ominous… ghosts, so the marbled piece became filled with ghost faces. The stamp went into place as a street sign.

Cometh an owl, wise and watching

in the dark of night..

against a moon

of both black and white.

Die cut circle for the moon. The owl came from nowhere, I wondered why

Upon the branch

Owl guards


the innocent,

from the dark of the night.

110th Street - or - The Owl and the Pussy Cat

I was deep into it and feeling the darkness and yet when I finished and sat back and reviewed it as a whole, I found an entirely different story. Nothing looks evil or scary; the children are safe; there is no threat.  The cat looks like a ‘kitty kat’ and about as scary as the owl looks brave . Little owl looks like a baby and needs some guarding himself. The ghosts, well, not one ghost looks the slightest bit harmful. I was most surprised how one works with the feel of a story, yet at the same time producing a different one.

The Owl and the Pussycat seems far more of an appropriate title now.

 Another lovely time of just creating for fun. 

Number 27: 

Number 27 scraps

  • 1 x pink handmade pulp paper scrap
  • 1 x small scrap handmade pulp paper square pattern
  • 1 x square origami paper with a swirl
  • 2 x paste papers
  • 1 x marbled patterned wrapping paper
  • 1 x strip rice paper with gold splatter
  • 2 x pieces pink me teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x strip dark brown me teinte pastel paper
  • 1 x blue handmade pulp paper star shape
  • 1 x piece marbled paper
  • 1 x piece handmade pink paper

That is a lot of paper, what to do…what to do.

I am just going to fit the last of this challenge in before I go away, perfect timing. Happy creating everyone.

5 thoughts on “Number 26

    • Thank you Donna and thank you Habibi for your lick, glad I am in the good books again. I can’t make up my mind at the moment if I will be sorry when all this ends or glad. I have let my writing and other things slide but this has been more fun than I could ever imagined but it has taken chunks out of my days. I feel like a cartoon sometimes, playing with hands and almost doing other jobs with my feet to keep up. 🙂

  1. Such a few little piece of papers you create a wonderful story and creative work… This is amazing. How much I love… Thank you dear Rosemary, Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

  2. Thank you Nia, I was just saying to Donna, I will miss each day doing a collage but it will be time to get back to other things as well. You, my dear girl, have me hooked on photography now. I am just a happy snap kind of photo person but with my new camera and your inspiration I can’t stop. I bought a book the other day on Photoshop so when I get time I will see what happens. love r.rose

    • …. 🙂 I am so glad to hear this dear Rosemary, but you have many things to do, and whenever you wish you can make… Even they call us… I know because of my things… Sometimes a book calls me to read, sometimes papers… or yarns… 🙂 But yes, my camera calls me always… 🙂 I should be crazy with photography. By the way I am so impatient today, because your mail reached here but my husband will bring me to home, and he will be late tonight, I repeated maybe million times, “don’t forgeet my mail to bring!!!!!”…. You are welcome dear Rosemary, Have a nice day, with my love, nia

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