Number 25

This will be a quick one tonight as I need to have a sword fight, some Frisbee throwing, creative time and continual chatting time with my Grandson. The sword fight I must explain is with foam swords only mainly because I am not good at it and I always come off second best. I would hate to think what would happen if we used anything harder, like wood…yikes…ouch.

Number 25

A day by the sea

As you can see I (what one might say) cheated. I added little shells and a dolphin and bits and pieces one might find at the beach, just couldn’t help myself.

I began with the piece of blue metal trying to cut it wavy, smooth, but it got away from me and brought the tide in, in large high waves. Crashing and rolling in with its white mane riding high, darkening the sand with its foamy wash then streaking the dry sand and pushing shells along with it. The piece of muslin material begged to be a fishing net but being an animal lover I only allowed shells and kelp and driftwood to be caught. Dolphin sprang out of the waves with glee.

Number 26:

Number 26 scraps

  • 2 x paste paper scraps
  • 1 x rectangle spray painted card with cut-out figures.
  • 1 x $1.10 stamp
  • 1 x scrap marble paper
  • 1 x die cut circle cardboard
  • 1 x handmade pulp paper with what looks like quite a failed drawing I did at some stage.

Today is a stormy day, the clouds gathered early: 












Last but certainly not least, Michael did his own picture today. I will post it over on Grandchildren’s Page along with some of my Grandgirls,( Madelaine and Bianca) creations.

Hapiness, peace and creativity to you all, thank you everyone for calling in on my page and doings. Please excuse this post if it doesn’t quite make sense, I am chatting and doing this blog at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Number 25

  1. Nice one R. Rose. I like the little shells etc. you added. It’s called artistic license. Have fun with your grandson today. He must adore coming to your house. hugs, Donna

  2. Artistic license, that’s it, thank you Donna. I use that license quite a bit but for this challenge I felt the stronger word was necessary given I said I would use the pieces shown, although I didn’t say I wouldn’t add 🙂

    Grandson and I have heaps of fun, he calls us the ‘adventurers’ we are always doing something strange and different and completely mad.

  3. This is a wonderful one again, I love how you chose the colours, things, and the objects… Your Grandson is amazing too. I loved it so much dear Rosemary. Yesterday the weather like that in here too. (19 November)… I am going to see now your number 26, Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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