Number 24

Oh, oh, I am not popular with number 24. His name is Janco. He was excited to appear, his bits and pieces set out on the table. As he came together he knew something was going wrong but I think he just hoped I would fix him. As I painted his face I could see he was looking rather sad. “Poor Janco, what is your problem?” I gave him a lovely tall hat, but he didn’t smile, a little collar and a beautiful frottage suit, drew some nice button down his front…still no smiles, he even shed a flower tear. I gave him a nice blue background with happy ploshes then glued him on…oh dear…he was too long, he didn’t fit, he knew it was going to happen, I was too busy playing to see. Never mind I can cut his legs off, Oh,no, that is soooo cruel, I know fold them up! Poor Janco was very unhappy with me so he packed his belongings, picked up his favourite vase of flowers, his skittles and of course Bulu the bear. Even Bulu was shocked at what I had done. “Janco has never, ever had his legs folded up…not ever!” said Bulu.

I felt guilty but that was it, done, finished. I gave him a box of tissues, apologised, gave him a beautiful yellow moon, even gave him a nice pom pom on top of his hat and let him be. I am sorry Janco but I think you a cute with your legs folded.  What does everyone else think? Am I really that cruel?

Number 25 scraps

Number 25 scraps

  • 1 x muslin material
  • 1 x brown handmade paper (commercial)
  • 1 x yes, paste paper
  • 1 x marbled paper
  • 1 x blue me-teinte
  • 1 x beige card
  • 1 x piece of very thin blue metal

Nia and Donna both own lovely cats and of course Turkey is well known for their beautiful cats. It has rubbed off on me as when I was at my friends house I suddenly noticed their cat (been going there for years). Not sure if it was the new camera addiction or the influence of Princess and Habibi but I took photos of ‘Cindy’. Here she is:

Can't you see I don't want my photo taken, I'm hiding

Don't be silly that is not me

Am I still hiding?

She did lots of posing, so I will post some more another time along with some of her friends in the garden.

Cheers to everyone – yes I am using red.


7 thoughts on “Number 24

  1. Janco looks like he has adjusted to the situation a little to me. He’s going to be fine. Love the tissue box! Glad you got a new camera and are having fun. Habibi says hello and asked me to tell you he is a DOG. He’s a little bit insulted, so I’ve had to do some major calming down since he read your post. Take care and have a good day R. Rose. hugs, Donna

    • Oh my golly, I am sooo embarrassed. Please forgive me Habibi, that is such a sin to call a dog a pussycat 😦 How can I make it up to you? Maybe I could post you over a huge bone? Nope, that won’t work, postman wold probably take it for his dog. All I can say is I am sorry. I just hope your bark is worse than your bite. xxx to you Habibi.
      Dear Donna, oops, thank you for calming him down. I presumed (very wrongly) when he was jealous of Sharlee in the alley, that he was a cat. When Grandson goes home I will pop over to you house and see what I have missed out on. love r.rose

  2. I can’t decide which one I loved most… Lovely Janco or creative dear Rosemary… ? But I know they are all dear Rosemary. You are amazing. It was so enjoyable to read… You give them a life… to who? to the papers… to the pictures… to the moments… Thank you dear Rosemary, have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, I have a habit of giving life to everything when I am in my creative zone and the the papers talk then the pictures tell their own story to me. You do much the same when you are view through the camera I am sure, you give an ‘inner’ life to anything you take. So many people look at a tree or leaves or anything they see, shrug and say, huh, huh it is what it is….so? But you see deeper.
      Hope you are having a lovely weekend as well….love r.rose

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