Number 22

I said yesterday that the half moon piece suggested curtains the moment it slid out of the packet so I naturally thought that would be the feature of what ever would develop. But no, curtains they are, but quite insignificant to the whole, I thought that was interesting.



 Milly, Molly, Mandy, Miranda, Michelle and Madelaine

I just keep having fun, I can’t help it. The pieces busy themselves around and chatter all at once.  “I want to be this…I want to be that”. The whole idea of this 30 day challenge was just a spur of the moment thing, I never dreamed it would give me such fun, learning, excuse to use everything I own in the art world and best of all I have made some wonderful cyber friends. I always, always get more out of anything I do; more than I could ever put in.

Technically – cutting snipping, glueing, water soluble oil pastels, gel pens, black marker, thread and a whole lot of happines embedded.

Number 23 – getting closer to that 30.

  • 1 x piece of photograph of tree fern
  • 1 x scrap photograph of stone wall
  • 1 x strip of yellow ribbon
  • 1 x scrap marble paper
  • 2 x assorted paste papers
  • 1 x piece of chocolate box white card

Each one has been so varied. I never know what to expect….

Somewhere in each of my pieces is a stamp. When I was in Cambodia my dear friend Vuthy had a stamp made for me with the name ‘Rose’ as it made him happy that my name was a flower. I love using it. 


I decided at some stage early in the makings of these collages that I would turn them into a concertina book but as I have progressed I realize it won’t work as most of them are 3D and it would never be able to close, so, I bought a box today and will cover it with something appropriate and they will live in there. That way I am able to add more maybe when I play with more scraps.

Thank you everyone that pops over here to check out what I am up to. I am trying to update my blogroll but the last week or so has been so busy, but I will get there. Cheers to everyone….


4 thoughts on “Number 22

  1. OH MY! These do make me squeal with delight. You really are a master R.R. AND to top it all off you are having a great adventure, tickling your creative pallet and having some of the F word (FUN). These really are pure delight. You made my day. hugs, Donna

    • Love that ‘f’ word fun. Thanks for your comments each day. I sent a little envelope off to you today, wonder when and if you get it, hope so. love r.rose

  2. WOW! This is great! I loved it so much… Especially the man and the dancing girls… Thank you dear Rosemary, Angels, muses be with you always, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, The dancing girls are cut from the paper with the delicate grasses embedded in it and the little pieces came out on a couple of their dresses and looks really nice. Thank you also for my angels and muses to stay. You are saying your muse is hiding from you but with what you have been doing with photography and words, your muse is definitely with you. love r.rose

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