Number 18

Oh, yum yum, played with a bright pink highlighter on this one.

The Tic Tok Tea Shoppe

I am inviting you all to my shoppe for tea and chat

I started to get a bit worried with this one. The square piece of die cut cardboard said table but didn’t say how he was going to look without legs and I couldn’t stand him up on legs, impossible. I think in the end I closed my eyes (couple of the legs look like it too) and just drew legs of some sort. When I studied it (with one eye closed) it didn’t seem too bad and almost gave it a playful look. Thinking playful brought the idea of something bright was needed, huh huh, highlighter, just the right thing. Of course the wrapping paper with the clock hands and numbers had to be the theme and it all fitted together. The piece of yellow netting, so small but it happily sat as two very little curtains. The other bits and pieces became the teapots, cups and mugs and the clock at the top of the shoppe. I drew the black lines on the pink walls imagining them to be panelling, it works for me but not sure how it works to a fresh eye? I could have done some shading but I am not treating these little pieces as something too precious, just fun.

So, onto number 19:

Number 19 scraps

Sometimes I wonder at my personality. I dislike red, can’t get my head around doing things with red; so, what do I do? Went to the red bag and tipped things out. I had this thought, if this is a challenge, why not step it up a notch, silly me. As soon as I saw all the red I started to shake, mad girl…but…challenge it is. The pieces are sitting on my table laughing I am sure. The battle begins.

I am not going to list the pieces, all I am gong to say is there is a lot of ……. red….yikes!   Wish me luck 😦

I am going to tell you a story about the last couple of days. My Son is 36years old. When he was three I knitted him a small doll which he called ‘person’. When he was 21 he went of to the Police Academy and I snuck ‘person’ into his packing. I never heard of person again.

Just three days ago this little doll was mentioned to my Grandson and my Daughter-in-law said that my son still has that doll and went and got him out. My Grandson asked if he could have him but Mummy said he has to be washed first. In the wash he went and he fell apart…oh dear! calamity. My Son joked with DIL that she killed ‘person’.

My Grandson asked if I would make another but I said there is no way would I ever find the pattern for that doll it was 33 years ago. I rang a couple of friends who knit a lot but of course no luck.

I went out with a friend yesterday and we decided to get off the tram and walk as it was such a lovely sunny day (normally we just go home). We passed an Opportunity Shop (where they sell secondhand goods). My girlfriend was browsing the books and putting some out to see if she would like them. I was browsing materials etc. I walked back to my friend and looked down on the seat and just screamed. The very book that I had 33 years ago was sitting on the seat. I still cannot believe such things happen in life. Luck, chance, fate? amazing. We are all excited as little ‘person’ will be born again.

As usual I have rambled on, so bye for now, better go look at that red…aaarrggghhhh!


3 thoughts on “Number 18

  1. OH R.R. I just adore your story. Proves to me the Universe is at work, alive and well! Truly one of those wonderful serindipity moments. Another great piece for your book today. All those little tea cups, pots etc. It all still amazes me. Looking forward to tomorrow – your RED day. My favorite colour in all the world. :o) Donna

  2. Thanks Donna for your comments, always lovely to see you have popped in. I can understand you loving red totally, you are a colourful lady and do such beautiful work in colour. I have a lot of difficulty as my main things is black and white or sepia. I wish I could do colour. I am finding it easier since I have been doing this challenge but I have a mental block with red … quite silly really.
    I am just going to post the red one up now….mmmmmm love to you r.rose

  3. Dear Rosemary, I was busy and also my internet connection was not good, so I am late a little bit for your posts… WOW! It has been number 20 already! You are amazing. This five o’clock tea fascinated me, I love tea time… And I wonder now next one with red… And your story about a doll was amazing too. And how true what dear Donna said, universe is at work! Somethig called you there, to this shop! This is now much more exciting and interesting, I wonder now how would be a doll! Please let me see of this when you finish it, dear Rosemary, Thank you, with my love, nia

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