Number 17

I keep saying each time how much fun each piece is to do, but this one was really fun to do. It rolled along with an excitement. Each piece seemed to yell – me, me, me.  The piece itself had to be centered around the cat of course. What cat does not like to be the centre of attention? I am not sure that Sharlee (that is what she likes to be known by) is very happy with me. I decided to take over and show you her ‘Home Sweet Home” or ‘My Pad’ as she calls it. She is very proud of her abode but wasn’t sure she wanted it shown on the internet. She worries other cats will see it and encroach on her territory. So as a result I must request, please do not show your cat this collage.

Home Sweet Home - aka MY PAD

Yes, Sharlee lives in an alley filled with all the comforts for an alleycat. I asked her to smile but as I said she is worried about other cats coming on her territory. I cannot give out her address.

Nothing technical about this one, just pure unadulterated fun fun fun. I covered the surface with a Letraset Tria Markers which have an ultra fine nib, a blunt end then the large angle marker. I have to say I have had them for so many years and am amazed they still work. Some of the ultra fine have dried up but that is to be expected. They are quick and easy to use and can cover a surface quickly. I like the way they sink into the watercolour paper but because the paper has a roughness it doesn’t cover it evenly which leaves you with a nice, almost mottle look (you can see what I mean with the brickwork where there are plenty of little patches of light. They have an odour but not like other markers, I am quite sensitive to marker smell and these do not bother me. That nice strip of thick twisted handmade paper made a nice ‘veranda’ to the residence in the alleyway.

Now I want to hand my blog over to a couple of very talented people. Donna does a lot of creating and has the best studio for inspiration. This is ‘Medicine Woman’  She is not finished yet, Donna has been listening to what she wants (yes, her work talks to her as well). I just love Medicine Woman, the colours just make me feel so happy, she has that ‘wow’ factor:


Look what Nia did, how great is this. She is a great photographer and has been saying she would like to attempt a collage but worried she might not be good at it…well…I am sure we all agree this is one cool collage and of course I am just so pleased that I was included, thank you Nia. I love the way she has incorporated her love of music and of course it wouldn’t be Nia without a camera. Nature is represented with birds and butterflies, the world is a great inclusion as it represents us all. Happiness of balloons, hearts and I like to think that is me next to my name. I just love her. 

Both these girls are such an inspiration to me, thank you girls.

Number 18

Number 18 scraps

  • 1 x yellow net
  • 1 x green and pale pink paste paper
  • 1 x marbled card
  • 1 x grey wrapping paper with clock and numbers on it
  • 1 x scrap wrapping paper with partial stamp on it
  • 2 x little scraps of pulp paper, one with little leaves embedded in it (well, nearly falling out actually)
  • 1 x strip of grey card
  • 1 x square die cut cardboard
  • 1 x piece of card that looks like I have treated it with everything I could find – why?  who knows.
o.k. that will do me tonight, another long day today and I don’t think I can get over to yesterdays to fix it, so maybe I will apologise again and hopefully this one makes better sense.  


6 thoughts on “Number 17

  1. You are amazing my beautiful and creative Lady! You are welcome and million Thanks… I love to read your blog and to learn everyday something inspirational… Yesterday, I felt bettet myself while I was busy with this collage… It almost took me a kind of journey… We share such a wonderful world(s)… Blessing and happiness, with my love, nia

  2. Thank you Nia, I have had trouble with this posting. I kept getting the upload wrong but I hope it is o.k. now. I hope you don’t mind me posting your collage as I am so excited to see you work and I am also glad that it took you on a journey away from your sadness for just a little while. love to you rrose

  3. So much to say this morning, obviously! RR, Sharlee and her ‘home sweet home’ piece is amazing. I will keep this very private, please assure Sharlee she has my confidence. I did show Habibi, who is a little jealous because she looks so comfortable, but he is sworn to secrecy as well. I love the lamp and the window – and of course the cat! You, I am learning, (and I must say I did highly suspect) are a very special woman. I was very surprised to see the ‘review’ of my work this morning, as I am sure Nia was too. Crumbs, it might make ‘The Age’. ha ha. Thank you for your lovely words, I am so pleased you like her. I didn’t get any more work done yesterday as I had errands to run, however, today I will sit with her for awhile and see what we can do together. I purchased two more large canvases yesterday as I know she will soon be complete. I have no idea what is coming next! So lovely Miss R. R. … thanks you for your kindness. Btw, are you a Michael Leunig fan? I am in LOVE … his books, some of which I own, are cherished. Very cool guy. Have a lovely day. See you manana. hugs, Donna

    • Thanks Donna for such kind words. I value our creativity and we learn so much from each other. I always find in life that you always get more back than you can ever put in.
      Oh, yes, I am a fan of Michael Leunig. I called him my ‘Haiku’ man. Whilst he doesn’t do haiku obviously but when I read one of his little cartoon or sayings, it stops me in my tracks like haiku does. Clever cookie is Mr. Leunig.
      I won’t tell Sharlee…give my love to Habibi. Sharlee is busy eating a mouse she just caught…yuk. love r rose

  4. Oh my dear Rosemary, I haven’t seen your number 17 picture this morning, I have seen now. This is my best among all your other works. You can guess why 🙂 What a beautiful idea… I loved it so much. My cat, Princess will be so jealousy about Sharlee! Your imaginaries and your creative works always fascinate me. Dearest I am not a great photographer but you have a great heart, I wished to be there and to give a big hugs… You are very special. Thank you, Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  5. Thought you might like Sharlee. I don’t own a cat but I think I have adopted her. Princess, I am sure doesn’t want to live in an alley, bit smelly. I wonder what you have been up to with that wonderful camera of yours? I am going out tonight but hope to get home in time to look.
    love r rose

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